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Intervertebral discs

consists of anulus fibrosus and nucleus pulposus
interposed between bodies of adjacent vertebrae (except between C1-C2)
shock absorption


Nucleus pulposus

gelatinous central mass of intervertebral disc
80% water in childhood but dehydrates and thickens with age


Anulus fibrosus

fibrocartilage outer ring surrounding nucleus pulposus
acts as vacuum seal
has nerve and blood supply (can cause pain but capable of healing)


Uncovertebral joints

"Luschka joints"
located between uncinate processes of C3-C6


Anterior longitudinal ligament

covers and connects the anterolateral aspects of vertebral bodies and IV discs
extends from pelvic surface of sacrum to anterior tubercle of atlas
maintains stability of IV joints and limits extension


Posterior longitudinal ligament

runs within the vertebral canal along the posterior aspect of the vertebral bodies
attached mainly to IV discs and less so to posterior edges of vertebral bodies from axis to sacrum
prevents hyperflexion and posterior herniation of discs


Interspinous ligaments

weak, membranous ligaments between lengths of adjacent spinous processes


Supraspinous ligaments

strong fibrous ligaments between tips of adjacent spinous processes
merges superiorly with nuchal ligament


Nuchal ligament

the strong median ligament of the neck
extents from external occipital protuberance to the spinous processes of the C spine