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What does monotheist mean?

A religion that belives there is only one god


What is the shema?

A jewish prayer affirming belief in one god , found in the torah


What is the torah?

1) fives books of mosees, which from the first section of the tenakh( jewish bible)
2) jewish written law


What is creator?

The one who makes things and brings things about


Who are orthodox jews?

Jews who emphasises the importance of following the laws and guidance in the torah; they believe the torah was given directly by god to moses , so should be followed as closely as possible


Who are ultra-orthodox jews?

Jews who are even more committed than orthodox to strictly following the laws and guidance in the torah


What is shabbat?

Jewish holy day of the week


What are ten commandments?

Ten laws given by god to Moses over 3000 years ago


What is a mitzvot?

Jewish rules or commandments


What is merciful?

Auality fo god that shows compassion or forgiveness to humans , even though he has the power to punish them


What is the shekinah?

The divine presence of god


What is the temple?

The centre of jewish worship at the time of jesus ; the meeting place between God and the priest


What is judgement?

Belief that god judges a person based on their actions , and either rewards or punished them as a reuslt


What is resurrection?

Rising from the dead to return to life


Who is the messiah?

' the annointed one' a leader of the jews who is expected to live on earth at some time in the furture


What is the messianic age?

A future time of global peace when everyone will want to become closer to god , possibly through the intervention of the messiah


What is the promised land?

Land of cannan that god promised to jews


What is a covenant?

An agreemtn ; in judaism it regere to an agreement between individuals , often on behalf of the laws and god


What is cirumcisiton?

Removal of the foreskin of the penis


What is justice?

Bringing about what is right snd fair, according to the law , or making up for wrong that has been committed


What is healing the world?

Being involved in gods work to sustain the world: it can involve work to increase social justice or to preserve the environemt


What is charity?

1) providing help and love to those in need
2) an organisation that does not make a profit , whose main purpose is to help those in need


What is sanctity of life

All life is holy as it is created and loved by god: human life should not be misueed or abused


What is pikuach nefesh?

Obligation to save a life , even if doing so breaks jewish laws