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What is the creator?

The one who makes things and brings thing about


What is creation?

The act by which god brought the universe into being


Who is michaelangelo?

Famous Italian painter and sculptor


What is genesis?

First book of the bible, in which stories of creation are found


What is the creation of Adam?

Part of the painting on the ceiling, of the sistine chapel in the vatican in rome, which shows god giving life to adam.


What does transcendant mean?

Idea god is beyond and outside life on earth and the universe;a quality of god


What does omnipotent mean?

Almighty , having unlimited power ;a quality of God


Who is adam?

Herbrew word for humanity, which many people see as the name of the first man


What is free will?

Belief that God gives people the opportunity to make decisions for themselves


What is stewardship?

Idea that believers have a duty to look after the environment on behalf of God


What is dignity?

Being worth of honour and respect


What is sanctity of life?

All life is holy as it created and loved by God; human life should not be misused or abused


What is the bible?

Sacred book of christianity, containing the old and new testaments


What is the church?

1. Holy people of God , also called the body of christ, among whom christ is present and active
2. A building in which christians worship


Who are the apostles?

'One who is sent out' ;the name given to those disciples who became leaders of the early church


What is the holy spirit?

Third person of the trinity whom christians believe is the inspiring presence of God in the world


What is inspiration?

The guidance that God gives to people


What is the magisterium?

Teaching authority of the catholic church , exercised by the pope and the bishops


What is a myth?

Story that intends to convey a deep truth or message , but not in a literal way


What is sacred scripture?

Holy writings of religion that are believed to be inspired by God.


Who a fundamentalists?

Someone who believed the bible is factual record that describes exactly what happened; they believe the bible is divinely inspired without error


What is natural law?

Moral principles and values that are considered to be inherent to all humans


What is the magisterium?

The teaching authority of the catholic church , exercised by the pope and the bishops


What is the second vatican council ?

A series of important gatherings of all the catholic bishops between 1962 and 1965, which updated many catholic teachings.


The environment?

The natural world; the surroundings in which someone lives


What are natural resources ?

Materials found in nature- such as oil and trees-that can be used by people to make more complex products


What are hypocrites?

People who tell others how they should lige but who do not live by these standards themselves


What is stewardship?

The idea that believe ere have duty to look after the environment on behalf of god.


What is interdependence?

Relying or depending on each other ,as a change to one things affects other things as well


What is sustainability?

Using natural resources at a rate at which they can be replaced


What are the wisdom books?

It is one of the seven Sapiential or wisdom
books included within the Septuagint, along
with Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of
Songs (Song of Solomon), Job, and Sirach,
and is included in the canon of
Deuterocanonical books by the Roman
Catholic Church


What are the law books?

Mainly old testament) are the rules of the people,
examples: Exodus, leviticus, deuteronomy, numbers


What are the prophetic books?

Isiah, jermiiah , josea, Amos and book of revelations


What are th acts of the apostles?

Acts of the Apostles, often referred to simply
as Acts, is the fifth book of the New
Testament; it tells of the founding of the
Christian church and the spread of its
message to the Roman Empire


What is the creation of adam?

Showing the touch of God to Adam - how he he bringing
life to Earth by reaching out to Adam


What is the bible?

Comes from the word piblos and means book of books.
There are 72 books in the catholic bible. To christians,
the bible is the word of God


What is the old testament?

The bit of the bible that starts with creation and ends
with prophecies about Jesus' coming


What is the new testament?

Starts with the birth of Jesus and includes Prophecies
about the end of the world


What are the history books?

Telling us the story of the people - Old testament


What is cafod?

A charitable organisation which works towards
sustainability in our world


What is Adam and eve?

The first ever humans to be created by God, whom ate
the apple from the tree, after being influenced by the
devil, when God had warned them not to.