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What is the church?

Christian religious community as a whole, or a body or organisation of christian believers


What is a church?

A building used for public christian worship


What is the altar?

Water is where transubstantiation takes place . It means where the bread and wine become the body and blood of jesus.


What are the stations of the cross?

Recording of different stages and key events during jesus' crucification


What is the lectern?

Where readings are read from


What is the tabernacle?

Where consecrate


What is the crucifix?

Cross with jesus body on it.


What is free will and sin?

Mortal and venial sin , both can be forgiven


What is atonement?

Jesus sacrifice on the cross known as atonment as it made amends for everybody's sins so we therefore did not have to suffer .


What is the crucifixion?

When jessus is made to carry the cross to a certain destination where he will then be nailed to the cross and crucified


What is Jesus resurrection?

When he comes back to life


What happened in the ascension?

40 days after his resurrection Jesus ascended into heaven


What is redemption?

The action of saving or being saved from sin , error or evil.


What happened at the restoration?

Beleif that christianity to be restored along the lines of what is known about the apolistic early church, which restorationists see as the search for the purer and more ancient form of the religion.


What is salvation?

Saving of the soul from sin and its consequences . It may also may be called 'deliverance' or 'redemption' from sin and its effects


What is grace?

A Gift from god


What is Pentecost?

Description of the christian holy day of pentecost which is celebrated on the 7th Sunday after easter, commemorating the descent of the holy spirit upon the apostles and other followers of jesus while they were in jerusalem celebrating the feast of weeks, as described in the acts of the apostles.


What is conscience?

An inner voice that warns someone to do good under any circumstances and to repent evil by all means


What is the mass?

Terms used to describe the main eucharistic liturgy


What is the liturgy of the word?

Where the bible is read to congregation . Is it to help remind people of Gods story of salvation


What is the offertory?

When the bread and wine are brought up to the altar. A sign of thanks giving to God , for what he has given us


What is the eucharist prayer?

The bible is read to the people during mass to help them remember Gods story of his salvation. Where the bread and wine become consecrated to become the body and blood christ . A reflection of Gods sacrifice and a demonstration of food and drink becomes body and blood


What is the our father?



What is communion?

Communion is when recieve the boyd and blood of christ . Jesus said'whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood will have eternal life.'


What are the words of the institution?

Where the priest says the words from the las supper . Representing the actual words of the consecration. This is when transubstantiation occurs as we take in the body and the blood of christ .


What is agnus dei(lamb of god)?

The latin translation of the first words of the prayer shortly before communion. 'Lamb of god' you take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us'


What is the blessed sacrament?

The body and blood of christ.


What is the eucharistic adoration?

Many catholics recieve the host on their tounges as it reminds them that this is not ordinary bread. More hosts are consecrated which needs to allow people to pray in front of the tabernacle.


What is the benediction?

Where the congregation becomes the blessed by the sacrament during a service.


What is the monstrance?

Where the host is displayed for the congregation to see(usually transparent )


What is an orthodox catholic?

Generally have stricter practices and beliefs on religion but believe on the same as other catholics


Who are anglicans?

Believe the catholic and apolistic faith is revealed in holy scripture and catholic creeds and interpret these in light of the christian tradition of the historic church , scholarship, reason and experience.


What is a non conformist?

A member of a protestant church which dissente from the established church of england


Who is st iraneus?

Compared the tree of god snd evil and the tree of thencross


Who is st anslem?

Strengths and weaknesses compared to a slave made ransom