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A juvenile alleged to be delinquent may be taken into temporary police custody and placed in secure detention.

What are the requirements and time frame for detention?

Must be separated by sight and sound from adult prisoners and up to 6 hours time begins once they enter the cell


When a delinquent is placed in secure detention MDTA, member will check the juvenile at a frequency of what?
And if special needs what’s the time frame ?
And if suicidal what’s the time frame ?

No more than 30 min intervals
15 min special needs
Sucidal constantly watched


Custodial interrogations will be limited to

2 hours with no more than two interrogators participating

Exceptions will be granted only w/division Commander


How many finger print cards needs to be filled out and forwarded to CIJS within 72 hours of arrest

1 finger print card


Law enforcement must contact Public school superintendents or private school principal when a student is arrested within 24hours

5 years of age or older but no more than 22 years old


Delinquent Act

An act which would be a crime if committed by an adult


Delinquent child

A child who has committed a delinquent act and requires guidance, treatment or rehabilitation


Status offense

A juvenile who is charged with an offense that would not be a crime if committed by an adult( run away, truant , possession of alcoholic beverages)



Child in need of supervision ( incorrigible)

Required supervision



Child in need of Assistance
Legal status by court require a child is mentally handicapped not receiving ordinary proper care guardians unwilling or able


Parent or guardian refuses to respond solely because of inconvenience to themselves due to lateness if the hour ect. Advise they can be charged under family law article 10-203 desertion of minor

Taken into custody