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Once the violator is properly stopped the how far shall the patrol vehicle
be positioned?

12-15 feet to the rear of the violators vehicle and angled slightly to the left; spotlight optional


Which Transportation Article Authorizes the issuance of traffic citations for violations indicated within the subsection?

TA 26-201


Following the vehicle at a constant interval for an adequate distance

Preferably a minimum of 2 tenths of a mile


All MDTA patrol vehicles must be calibrated how often?

Semi annually every 3 months for accurate readings


The Detachment RADAR/LIDAR coordinator will complete the operator’s certification checklist form

No later than 30 days prior to expiration date of the operators certification


Radar/LIDAR recertification
Operators will be re certified how often?

Every 3 years
Operators must pass a practical exam given by detachment radar LIDAR coordinator


DUI/DWI Administration per se Law

Is authorized to confiscate the Maryland Drivers License at the time of arrest


Upon request the results of PBT may be given to driver after they submit to an intoximetor or blood alcohol test , or has refused any type of test alcohol and the how long limit has expired

2 two hour time limit


An attorney may wish to administer a preliminary breath test or another type of breath test on the arrestee prior to a decision to take or refuse a test , the court has ruled that such test cannot be prohibited. However what’s the expectation to the policy?

Under no circumstances will MDTA equipment be used for the independent test.


Intoxicated person shall be taken to the detachment where who will make a determination of release

Shift supervisor will make determination based on condition of the intoxicating person


The detachment shift commander and arresting officer will consider the following in the decision whether or not to release.

Has no prior FTA offense in the last 5 years , MD resident, degree of intoxication , no prior dui dwi in the last 5 years , sober responsible adult will take custody of accused


Departmental motor vehicle collisions / the office of procurement and fleet services will be emailed a copy of the packet including photos in what time period ?

5 days of the collision


Abandoned According to Maryland Vehicle Law TA?
Is defined as any motor vehicle trailer or semi trailer that?

Is inoperable and left unattended on public property for more than 48 hours
Has remained illegally parked on public property for more 48 hours .
Has remained on private property more than 48 hours W/o owners or person in control of property consent.