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Sworn personnel assigned to patrol post shall remain on patrol until informed by The Who? That the tour of duty has ended

Patrol supervisor


Peak traffic hours are what?

Monday-Friday 0600-0900 1530-1830


At any time an incident occurs which requires the serious accident/incident notifications, what procedures are to be followed?

The shift is responsible to include all pertinent information in the appropriate section of the daily report


It will be the responsibility of the following MDTA police personnel to use the notification procedures:

Shift supervisor notification, Emergency services, Authority ops center


Rail related Security Notification will completed on what?



All infants and small children how many pounds or less or under the age of what? Must be secured in child safety seat.

65 lbs or 8 years old


Whom will verify that all vehicles have been properly inspected

Shift supervisor


If for any reason a MVR is found to be inoperable or malfunctioning the sworn person will so what?

How will sworn personnel determine if the MVR is working properly

Write a special report notified the shift supervisor.
Record a brief segment and play it back to determine whether their MVR equipment is working properly.


DVD RAMS will be maintained for how many days?

90 days
Afterwards back up storage for 3 hrs


When a patrol vehicle is out of service for how long to perform required maintenance or repairs what shall be done?

24 hours.
The DVD RAM is to be removed noted on the video log and stored in the video storage cabinet


The director of the central records unit is designated as the custodian of records for the MVR system.

Any subpoena or request for a copy of a video shall be forwarded to the director of central records for disposition as appropriate

For 269 Authentic form


MVR checks who will review two random DVD RAMS from the current month for review to ensure that patrol procedures are within MDTA policy and the system is functioning properly

Shift supervisors will randomly select


Responding to emergency calls what are some shift supervisor responsibilities

Determining how many units to dispatch to emergency call , number may be modified by other primary units arriving on scene


Vehicle to vehicle contacts is prohibited unless under what circumstances?

Where deadly force is justified


Who is responsible for monitoring and controlling the pursuit as it progresses

Who shall continually review the incoming data to determine whether the pursuit should be continued or terminated

Shift supervisor both answers


The initiating sworn person or the first MDTA sworn person to enter an already ongoing pursuit from another agency must what?

Complete a IR with Narrative and pursuit driving data form


Stop stick LTD form shall be completed only when a tire deflating what?
The original copy will he kept where ?
The shift supervisor will send a photo copy where ?

Device needs to be replaced
Kept with the sworn personnel report
Quartermaster unit


If stops sticks are deployed regardless if successful what are the next steps?

No longer is this a use of force but who will be notified?

Officer will complete a supplement to the pursuit IR. It will be included in the pursuit data form as well.

IAU will track this for statical purposes


Following a pursuit the shift supervisor shall do what?
Shift supervisor review 1

Review the circumstances surrounding the event as soon as practical following incident ( reviewing reports from dept. ,personnel involved, obtain car video , review audio recordings, any other info pertinent to the case .


Following a pursuit the shift supervisor is responsible for what?

What is another step taken after
Shift supervisor 2

Submitting a special report summarizing the incident, the report will be processed through the chain of command via blue team

Submit after action review include through overview of incident supervisor observation , policy violations , concerns, training suggestions , recommendations for future pursuit within 10 days


All other vehicles damaged during a pursuit. Requesting reimbursement for damages caused as a result of pursuit by this department should be referred to

The state Treasurers office in Annapolis or the Authority legal division ( Accordance with Maryland tort claim act


If any collision occurs during 10-80 who will be notified by shift supervisor

Assistant Attonery General as soon as possible


If any tactic deployed by a member of MDTA results in any damage to a vehicle of the outside department

A copy of the officers report concerning this damage Shelby forward it to the outside department upon request


The shift supervisor completes the following.

Special Report Routing slip and incident synopsis