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what are the two roles of prostacycline (aka PGI2) play in hemostasis

inhibition of platelets


what two chemicals promote vasoconstriction and hemostasis

thromboxane A2 and serotonin
which comes from the vesicles inside the platelets


what enzyme is required for production of thromboxane A2



a patient is suffering from a bleeding disoder in which they bleed excessively because their platelets are unable to bind collagen, what factor is likely missing

provides the initial link between collagen and platelets


what is required to activate protein C

thrombin binding thrombomodulin found on endothelial cell


what would a person missing protein C have problems with

problem with breaking down clots because protein C inactivates factors VII and V


what causes the dicrotic notch in the aortic pressure wave

aortic valve closure at the start of isovolumetric ventricular relaxation


what occurs at the same time as isovolumetric contraction

mitral valve closure and first heart sound


what event coincides with the second heart sound

aortic valve closure


a left ventricle that is not very compliant will result in what heart sound

third or fourth


a patient has an arterial blood pressure of 139/92
at what pressure does the aortic valve open

92 - has to exceed the diastolic


why does atrial pressure increase during ventricular contraction

because both AV valve are closed but blood is returning from veins


what causes the c wave in the venous pressure curve

isovolumetric contraction because the QRS complex occurs before (excitation precedes contraction)


a cardiac muscle cell located in the septum of the heart where its phase 0 occurred at the very start of the QRS complex. where in the T wave does this cell repolarize

at the very end of the T wave
the first to depolarize is the last to repolarize


why is it important that the first to depolarize is the last to repolarize

by keeping the first to depolarize refractory to the very end, we are less likely to experience a circus rhythm
which is a flutter or fibrillation


what is the difference between AP of the first to depolarize vs the last to depolarize

the plataeu phase of the first to depolarize will be longer
a cell that depolarizes early will have along plateau while a cell that depolarizes late will have a short p


under what conditions is hearing S3 normal?

kids, pregnant women (maybe) athletes with a thin body wall