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What is animal welfare?

Ensuring animals are reared in appropriate conditions


What should you consider for animal welfare?

•costs- housing, bedding, medicine, feed
•benefits- increased yield, successful breeding
•ethics- freedom from pain and stress


What are the five freedoms of animals?

Freedom from:
~hunger and thirst
~fear and distress
~pain, injury and disease
~expression of abnormal behaviour


What are four behavioural indicators that an animal has bad welfare?

Stereotypy: behavioural pattern repetitive movements (linked to being in bare, confined spaces)
Misdirected behaviour: misdirected behaviour when in isolated environments
Sexual/parental behaviour: not reproducing at all or not giving proper care to their young
Level of activity: hyper-aggression or excessive sleeping


What is ethology?

The study of animal behaviour through observing animals in natural and semi-natural surroundings


What can information from ethograms show?

They allow scientists to form a hypothesis and animal welfare rules to be made


What is a preference test?

A tests set up to give an animal a choice of two conditions to see which one it favours


What is motivation?

A behaviour that drives animals to satisfy a basic need


What happens if an animals basic needs are met?

They lack motivation


How can preference tests measure an animals motivational needs?

You can see which of two choices it favours and whichever it favours it has motivation for