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What is the belief in a monotheistic God?

That there's only one God.


What are the 3 natures of God?

He's omnibenevolent, omnipotent and omniscient.


What does omnibenevolent mean?



What does omnipotent mean?



What does omniscient mean?



What is the belief of the Trinity?

The Trinity shows that there are 3 parts to God (the father, the son and the Holy Spirit) thought they all come together as one and are not separate.


Why is the crucifixion of Jesus important to Christians?

Human beings choose to go their own way and ignore god and all humans beings are born this way (original sin) and we are essentially inclined to selfishness and greed. This means we no longer have a proper relationship with God - we no longer think about God, but only ourselves and consequently we do not deserve a life after death in heaven. God becoming man and being killed is a huge sacrifice, big enough to accommodate all the sins mankind has ever committed. This restored our relationship with God so Jesus' death 'atoned' for our sins and after death we can be with God in heaven because the relationship has been restored.


What is the belief of original sin?

When Eve disobeyed God, sin was first brought into the world and everyone has the original sin inside of them.


What does salvation mean?

It means being saved and Christians believe Jesus saved us.


What is atonement?

Restoring the relationship between humans and God through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.


What do fundamentalist christians believe about the creation story?

They believe the story is literally true.


What do liberal christians believe about the creation story?

They believe that it's an allegory - it was never intended to be literally true but it contains certain truths about God.


What does it mean by God is transcendent?

This means that God is apart from the rest of creation. God is beyond the universe; he knows everything that is going on, but is not a part of it.


What is ascension?

The event 40 days after resurrection when Jesus returned to God the Father in heaven.


What is evangelism?

Preaching of the faith in order to convert people to christianity.


What are food-banks?

Foodbanks provide emergency food, help and support to people in the UK. They bring religious and non-religious people together to help the community.


What are street pastors?

They help prevent anti-social behaviour or crime, listen to people's problems and help those in need e.g. contact emergency services.


What is reconciliation?

One of the seven sacraments in the Catholic Church. It means restoring harmony.


What is worship?

The way Christians show their deep love, reverence and respect for God.


What is liturgical worship?

A service which follows a set pattern.


What is non-liturgical worship?

A service which doesn't follow a set pattern.


What is informal worship?

Spontaneous and charismatic worship. it's also non-liturgical.


What is private worship?

Allows individuals to spend time with God privately.


What is a sacrament?

An external and visible sign of inward and spiritual grace.


Whats eucharist?

A type of ritual (holy communion) with bread and wine.


What is a pilgrimage?

A journey by a believer to a holy site for religious reasons.


What has happened during pilgrimages to Lourdes?

-People have had visions of Bernadette
-67 miracles and 6000 other cures.


What happens on the Iona pilgrimages?

People go on pilgrimage walks and have time to think alone or with others and can involve learning.


What is Christmas?

A day commemorating the incarnation and the birth of Jesus. Also the season of 12 days ending with the epiphany (when christians remember the wise men)


What is Easter?

The religious season celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead; it starts on Easter Day and ends with the feat of pentecost.


What is the belief about Judgement Day?

Some christians believe that there will be a Day of Judgement at the end of time when Jesus will return the 'saved' to heaven. Up until this point people are just lying in their graves awaiting resurrections.


What is the belief about immediate afterlife?

Some christians believe that our soul goes straight to the afterlife immediately after death.


What do the catholic church teach about afterlife?

We will all spend some time in purgatory paying for our sins before we are ready to enter heaven.


What are christians taught about what heaven actually is?

Christianity teaches that heaven is a state of mind rather than a physical place.


What does the bible suggest about hell?

That it means an eternity separated from God and goodness.


What does C.S. Lewis believe about heaven and hell?

He believes that heaven and hell are the same place but we either enjoy being in God's presence because we know we are forgiven and loved, or we hate it because we feel guilty and ashamed.


How can we go to heaven if we have all sinned due to original sin (with a biblical reference)?

Jesus took the blame for our sins so we were saved from hell and can go to heaven. All we have to do is ask for God's forgiveness and believe in him.
"For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life"


Why was the resurrection of Jesus important to Christians?

It shows that God and us can overcome death as Jesus did and proves that life after death is possible. This helps Christians to not fear death as they will see their loved ones again in heaven.


Why might Christians take comfort in liturgical worship?

It's unchanging so it's the same as when they went to church as children.


What are the 7 sacraments?



What do Christians believe about Baptism?

Christians believe that when they are baptised their sins are forgiven and they begin a new life, with the help of the Holy Spirit guide to help them.


Why should babies need their sins forgive?

Original sin


What is believers baptism?

When an adult or teenager decides to celebrate and commit to their Christian faith since babies are too young to understand christianity and make a decision about it.


What is a confirmation ceremony?

When a child is old enough to follow a christian life without the help of their parents, they will confirm their promises made on behalf at their baptism during a confirmation ceremony.


Why is confirmation important to Christians?

It deepens and strengthens your relationship with God and is a sign of full membership to the christian community.


Why do Catholics do sacraments?

To express an inner spiritual experience / it's symbolic


What are the 4 truths about God that most Christians believe about the creation story?

1) God created everything
2) God is responsible for the order in the universe
3) Everything God created was good
4) Human beings are created in God's image and so have a special relationship with God


What are the two solutions to the problem of evil?

The free-will defence and suffering is a test


Explain the free-will defence.

God is all-powerful and all-knowing but he wanted us to be free which is why he put us in the garden of Eden. We often choose to be disobedient to God and we are greedy and selfish.


What is the problem with the free-will defence?

It only accounts for moral evil and not natural evil. Also why would God give people free-will if he knew it would cause such horrible events.


Explain suffering is a test for the problem of evil?

If we pass the test then we go to heaven


What do people believe the holy spirit can do?

-Changes lives
-Gives people the strength to stop addiction


What is everyone inclined to be like?

Greedy and selfish


What does arbitrary mean?

God doesn't know who he is helping


What does partisan mean?

God favours some of us


What might Christians do to get into heaven?

-Good deeds like helping the vulnerable in society
-Follow the 10 commandments
-Do missionary's abroad


What's the word connected with worship?



How long did Jesus work on Earth?

For 2 years from ages 30-32


What was Jesus convicted of by the Jewish authorities and again under the Roman law?

He was convicted of blasphemy (for claiming to be God) and treason (for spending time with zealots who were against the Romans)


Where was Jesus crucified?



What events took place during Jesus’ death according to Mark the gospel writer?

There was a total eclipse making the sky dark and the curtains of the temple ripped.


What two things did Jesus say on the cross?

“Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do”
“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me"


What is symbolic about the curtain ripping in the temple?

The curtain was where sacrifices were made and it ripping was symbolic of how Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice and marked the end of all sacrifices.


How do 'near death experiences' and 'out of body experiences' provide evidence for life after death?

Some people believe that they have had a 'near death experience'. In cases where doctors are fighting to save a patients life many report similar experiences of moving towards a light before they are told that it is not yet time and they must go back. Some people report 'out of body' experiences where their soul leaves their body and they find themselves looking down on people fighting to save them


What would atheists argue about life after death?

An atheist would say that when we die, our body shuts down, so all our memories and experiences which are stored in our brain also die with us. There is no 'personality' left to carry on into another life. If it seems unfair, and that good should be rewarded and bad punished, we must accept that life is arbitrary (good and bad events happen to random people). Why do we expect the universe to be fair? Out of body experiences are simply the human imagination working overtime as the brain shits down