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What do Christians believe about genesis?

God created the world, then plants, then fish and birds, then animal and then humans. Humans were created in the image of God.


What does the Christian belief about genesis imply about humans?

-Humans are the top of Gods creation
-We are special because only humans were made in Gods image
-Humans arrived fully formed and didn't evolve
-Life isn't just a meaningless chance and there's a reason we were designed.


What do some Christians argue about the origins of life that are a compromise between genesis and the theory of natural selection?

That God designed natural selection and created the original lifeforms with the capacity to adapt and evolve. The creation story is an allegory and was never meant to be taken literally.


What is euthanasia?

The painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma


What's voluntary euthanasia?

Patients own decision


What's non-voluntary euthanasia?

Doctors make decision (patient is unable to)


What's involuntary euthanasia?

Patient not asked


What's active euthanasia?

The patient is actively killed (i.e. given lethal injection)


What's passive euthanasia?

Treatment keeping patient alive is withheld i.e. turning off the life machine


Give some teachings or arguments for euthanasia.

-"My body my choice" (right to self-determination)
-Quality of life before sanctity of life
-It's expensive to keep people alive when there's no cure for their illness


Give some teachings or arguments against euthanasia.

-Sanctity of life
-Life is sacred and a gift from god
-"Do not kill"


What do fundamentalist christians generally believe about euthanasia?

That life is sacred and a gift from god. We must "choose life" and give the patient every chance to stay alive.


What may more liberal christians believe about euthanasia?

Against active euthanasia but support passive euthanasia. They argue that it's cruel to keep people alive if they're suffering.


What do christians believe about dominion and stewardship?

Christians believe that God gave humans the responsibility to look after the world (stewardship) and God gave them the right to decide what happens to the world and all of its species (dominion)


What do Christians believe about animals?

Christians believe that animals were created by god for humans to use and care for. They believe that god values animals but humans are more important.


What do christians believe about animal experimentation?

Many christians support limited animal testing to develop new medicines and if the animals are treated as kindly as possible. god gave humans dominion over the animals so humans have the right to use animals for the greater good.