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What reason did the Israelites give for wanting a king? Why was this foolish?

They wanted a king like the neighboring nations. They already had a king - God.


What made Saul seem like a strange choice for king?

Saul was from the tribe of Benjamin, Israel's smallest tribe, and his father had no power or wealth.


In what ways was Saul the ideal choice for a king?

He was humble and obedient to Samuel. He physically looked like a king and showed restraint by not punishing who had criticized him.


How did Saul save the town of Jabesh Gilead?

He was filled with God's Spirit, gathered an army to fight the Ammonites, and attacked them during the night.


What was Saul's response to the victory?

He didn't exalt himself. Instead he have the glory to God.


What advice did Samuel give the people of Israel in his farewell speech?

Samuel told them to serve God with all their hearts, not turning to useless idols, and to remember the great things God had done for them. He warned that if they persisted in doing evil, both the people and the king would be swept away.


Describe two things Saul did to make God angry with him?

Saul offered the sacrifice instead of waiting for Samuel. He disobeyed God's command to destroy all of the Amalekites.


What was Saul's punishment?

God rejected Saul as king and his family as Israel's dynasty.


Who said, "To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed it better than the fat of rams"? To whom was this said, and what were the circumstances?

Samuel said this to Saul. Saul was making excuses for not following God's command concerning the Amalekites. He claimed he had saved the best of the livestock for a sacrifice. God needs to be obeyed completely and wholeheartedly.


How did Saul's oath to sacrifice anyone who ate before nightfall hurt him and his own people?

The men were unable to fight as well as they otherwise could have, and Saul's own son Jonathan hadn't heard the oath before eating. God would have given Israel an even greater victory, but now Saul's men had to stop him from killing his own son.


Give an example of Jonathan's obedience?

He trusted God to protect him as he conducted a sneak attack against the Philistines.


How was God preparing David to be king someday?

Answers may include that David was becoming familiar with the territory in Israel, he was learning to depend on God in difficult situations and he was learning to lead.


Who said, "Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart"? To whom was this said, and what were the circumstances?

God said it to Samuel. Eliab may have looked the part of the king, but God was more concerned about a heart attitude.


What made David a true champion when he defeated Goliath?

David relied upon and trusted God. He didn't try to be anything other than the person God had made him.