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How does sin affect people's relationship with God?

We can't have a perfect relationship with God.


How can we have a right relationship with God?

We ask God to forgive us.


How does sin affect our relationship with other people?

We can't have a good relationship with another person because sin entered into the world.


What promise did God make in Genesis 3:15?

God would put hatred between Satan and people. Jesus will come and destroy Satan.


What is a Biblical covenant?

A promise between God and man.


What did Noah do when he and his family came out of the ark?

He built and altar.


What covenant did God make with Noah?

He would never destroy the earth with a flood.


Why is the rainbow such a fitting symbol of God's promise to Noah?

Because a rainbow comes out after a rainfall.


Why did God ask Abraham to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice?

God wanted to test Abraham's faith.


Why did God's people in the Old Testament make sacrifices?

In order to ask for forgiveness for their sins.


How was the sacrifice of the ram, instead of Isaac, like the later Old Testament Israelites sacrifices?

The sacrifice took a place of deserved punishment.


What New Testament sacrifice ended the need for the Old Testament sacrificial system?

Jesus death paid once and for all our sins.


The story of Abraham's test is like the story of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross because....

In both cases a father was willing to offer his son and both cases the son was willing to do it.


The story of Abrahams test is different from the story of jesus sacrifice on the cross because.....

Only Jesus died and it took care of all our sins.


What did God promise the Israelites at Mount Sinai?

They would be his chosen people.


What condition did god give the people of Israel?

If they would obey Him they would be his chosen people.


Why did God give the Israelites the Ten Commandments

God gave them the commandments by which to obey.


How did the people respond after Moses had read the book of the covenant?

They promised to obey.


To mark the occasion and to remind the people of their covenant with God, Moses set up 12 pillars. What did the 12 pillars represent.

The 12 tribes of Israel.


What did Moses do with the blood from the sacrifices?

He sprinkled it on the altar and on the people.


What does the blood of the covenant point to?

The Cross.


Why did God not let David build the temple?

He was a warmonger, he wanted a man of peace to build his house.


What promises did God make in his covenant with David?

David's descendants would sit on the throne forever and ever.


How did God fulfill his covenant with David in the New Testament?

Jesus is David's descendant and his kingdom reigns forever.


What promise did God make to the exiled people of Israel and Judah

Their children would return to their own land.


Jeremiah proclaimed God's promise that he would make a new covenant with the people of Israel and Judah. How would this covenant be different from the covenant God had made with their forefathers at Mount Sinai? Name at least three differences.

They would not be written on stone again.
We don't need priests to ask God for forgiveness.
This covenant is made for all people.


In what way's did Adam and Eve's sin affect all of creation?

When Adam and Eve sinned every person in the world became sinful.