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kundalini means

"coiled snake" In early eastern religion, it was believed that divine energy was created at the base of the spine. It's energy we were born with and Kundalini works to "uncoil the snake" and connect us to divine energy within.


In early creation,

Kundalini was a study of science of energy and spiritual philosophy


kundalini was brought to america by

yogi bhajan, who was implicated in dozens of sexual assault and harassment claims years after his death


why do practitioners of kundalini yoga wear white

yogi bhajan believed that colors have an effect on consciousness. white was thought to expand your aura .
"you wear white to reflect what is outside and go within yourself"


Sat Nam

popular kundalini montra. means "truth name" or "Truth if My Name" The greeting says "I see and recognize your true nature"



hand positions that lock and direct energy into different parts of our brains