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What is 'continentality'?

Continentality is the idea that the further away from the ocean land is, the drier the climate.


Why does the average temperature of specific areas vary across the Earth?

Due to the Earth being round and the varying distances to the sun, solar energy is more concentrated in areas with smaller degrees of latitude. For example, it is hottest at the equator where it is a 0* latitude.


Other than latitude, what else impacts the average temperature of a region? Why?

Altitude, as temperature reduces with height. Therefore it would be colder in a mountain range such as the Alps, than the flat land of Belgium, even though they are closer to the equator.


Name three biomes where it is hot all year.

Tropical rainforest, tropical grasslands (savanna) and deserts.


Explain and name the type of biome we live in here in England.

We live in a temperate biome which has warm summers and cool winters. It also precipitates all year.


In which biome does life thrive the most and why?

Life thrives most in the tropical rainforests as it is hot all year - but not too hot like the desert biome - and wet all year with a very high average annual precipitation.