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What are the characteristics of the Mediterranean Biome?

Hot dry summers, mild wet winters. Vegetation needs to be drought resistant to survive long term (shrubland)


Where do we find this biome?

The Mediterranean of course - but also in Chile, California and South Africa


What is meant by ecosystem goods?

Goods - items that we can take from biosphere for use/consumption (e.g. fruit, nuts, medicine, timber)


What is meant by ecosystem services?

Services - ongoing processes that help sustain life on earth (e.g. interactions with hydrosphere and atmosphere)


How does the biosphere help regulate the atmosphere?

Photosynthesis absorbs CO2 so vegetation acts as a carbon sink and provides oxygen


Identify the 4 ways that the biosphere can help regulate the hydrosphere (water cycle)?

1. Trees transpire returning moisture to the atmosphere (thereby reducing aridity),
2. Trees intercept rainfall therefore reducing surface run-off, flooding and soil erosion.
3. Tree roots absorb water for growth and store it, thereby reducing flooding
4. Mangroves act as a barrier to run off of pollutants (water quality control).


How does the biosphere benefit human well-being?

Providing calm, peaceful area for recreation and relaxation. Also useful for scientific research and education.


How does the biosphere support soil health?

Recycling nutrients from the litter to the soil and back into the biomass again. Provides humus for soil formation and protects against soil erosion (root stabilise area).


Why is the biosphere a globally important?

1. Vegetation acts as a carbon sink, thereby reducing the greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere that could enhance climate change.
2. Some also have medicinal properties that could be harnessed to better human health


What goods can we get from the Mediterranean Biome?

Olives, rosemary, thyme, lavender, figs, grapes, timber and leather (grazing animals) to name a few....