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Why do commercial groups, like TNCs and governments, want to exploit the biospheres?

By exploiting biomes, they are able to produce a large profit. For example, they produce cash crops by growing and extracting enough crops and then making a profit by selling them. They also make a profit by exporting raw materials.


What do the original, local people living in the biome obtain from the biosphere?

The indigenous people (locals living traditional lifestyles) get food, medicine, building materials and fuel resources from the biosphere. They get enough materials that ensure they live without producing extra to make a profit.


What foods does the biome provide the indigenous people with?

Indigenous people obtain grains, milk, cheese, dates and melon from the biome, and even meat on special occasions. They also get Eghajira which is a food made from water mixed with pounded millet, dates, goats cheese.


What medicines does the biome provide the indigenous people with?

The biome provides the indigenous people with leaves, bark, roots from trees which they use to treat herbalism.


What building materials does the biome provide the indigenous people with?

Cone-shaped tents can be made from twisting grass into buildings. Also, adobe houses can be made by mixing water with either straw/dung/sand/silt or clay.


What fuel resources does the biome provide the indigenous people with?

Dried dung and firewood can be used as fuel resources.


Who are the indigenous people?

The original people in an area, living traditional lifestyles, synced with their environment


Who exploit the biomes?

TNCs and governments exploit the biosphere commercially.


What is the biosphere increasingly exploited commercially for?

Energy, water and mineral resources.


What are the negatives of uranium extraction that impact the water supply?

When commercially extracting uranium, water is used. This pollutes the water supply, and the nuclear waste deposited can ruin lives.


What does water extraction cause?

Water extraction competition with farming communities, resulting in tension and classes and militant Tuareg groups