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How are igneous rocks formed?

When volcanoes erupt and the magma/lava cools.
E.g. granite


How are metamorphic rocks formed?

A morphed version of another rock due to extreme pressure and heat (usually at subduction/collision zones)
Comprises of layers of rock (e.g. shale, schist)


How are sedimentary rocks formed?

Deposition of particles that have been eroded, also remains of plants and animals. E.g. chalk


What are the characteristics of the rock type(s) found in the UK Uplands?

Igneous and metamorphic rock due to magma rising through Earths crust (high relief area e.g. Dartmoor)- resistant to erosion
Scotland, Wales, SW England


What type of rock is the majority of the UK?

Sedimentary - long time since UK was near a plate boundary
Formed when the UK was near tropical seas and plants and animals died (carboniferous limestone)


State the 2 processes that wear down mountains (via glaciation).

Abrasion, plucking


What is plucking?

Rocks and stones are frozen on the sides of glaciers, when the glacier moves they get plucked off leaving jagged surfaces.


How has glaciation affected the UK?

Multiple glaciations of the last 2.5m years
Ice advancements as far south as London
U-shaped valleys are the visible result