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Define the term 'weathering'?

Break down of rock 'in situ' (where it stands)


Name the 3 main types of weathering...

Mechanical, Chemical and Biological


Explain how climate can influence the types of weathering present a landscape

Large variations in temperature into the cold can lead to freeze-thaw weathering. Warmer and wetter climates lend themselves to chemical and biological weathering


Describe the 4 processes of river erosion..

Hydraulic action - pressure created as air and water squeezed into rock cracks
Attrition - rocks collide making smaller ones
Abrasion - surface friction smooths rock
Corrosion - chemical reaction between water and rock


Describe the 4 processes of river sediment transport..

Traction - large stones roll along bed - requires energy
Saltation - bouncing along river bed
Suspension - small rocks are suspended and carried in water column
Solution - rock minerals dissolve into water


Explain the role of slope processes in the formation of distinctive upland environments?

Solifluction - active layer of permafrost is saturated and moves boulders down slope under gravity to create clitter slopes.


Explain the role of post-glacial river processes in the formation of an upland landscape?

Erosional processes (4 types) break down larger sediment into smaller pieces to be carried away by transport processes (4 types).


Explain the role of tectonics in making Dartmoor Distinctive.

Tectonic activity millions of years ago created large intrusive igneous batholith (now eroded into Tors)


Which weathering processes have played a part in the formation of Dartmoor?

Hydrolysis (chemical weathering when UK was nearer the Equator) and Freeze-Thaw (now UK is in colder climate)


Can you name a specific type of mechanical weathering?



Can you name a specific type of chemical weathering?