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What does nature assume and what does nurture assume?

Nature: heredity is more important
Nurture: environment and experiences are more important


Describe nature and an experiment to support it

Knowledge and abilities are innate and is due to hereditary factors


Describe evolutionary explanations for nature

Having a trait which promotes survival will increase chances of reproduction and it being inherited by future generations


What theory is linked to evolutionary relationships?

Attachment theory
Attachment helps survival as it increases protection and helps form relationships


Define nurture

Thinking/behaviour is determined by environmental influences acquired through interaction with the environment


What do behaviourists assume?

That all behaviour can be explained in terms of experience by itself
E.g. learning theory and classical conditioning


- related to taxi drivers

Study found thatLondon taxi drivers have a larger hippocampus compared to control participants
Hippocampus responded to increased use
Nurture therefore affects nature


- related to diathesis stress model

Emphasises role of both nature and nurture in mental illness
This means that there is a genetic component which makes a person vulnerable
An environmental stimulus triggers the vulnerability so that it shows


- related to the interactionist approach

Nature and nurture are closely related so they can’t be separated
General heritability figure in IQ tests is around 0.5 so both genetics and the environment are important to determine intelligence


Nurture believes what about the mind

It is a blank slate and developed by experiences from interactions with the environment


What is the nature nurture debate

Relative contribution of these influences to an individual’s behaviour