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A lot of research is conducted where and on whom, and biased towards what culture?

North America and in White males
Bias towards Western culture


Define cultural bias

When a norm or standard for a certain behaviour can be judged only from the standpoint of a particular culture


Define ethnocentrism

Judging other culture by the standards and values of one’s own culture


Describe etic

Etic approach looks at behaviour from outside the given culture and tries to describe those behaviours which are universal


Define imposed etic

When a researcher imposed their culturally specific idea on another culture


Define cultural relativism

Appreciating that there are differences between cultures
Recognising this helps avoid cultural bias


Brain Fag and Koro relate to cultural bias how (+)?

Some mental illnesses exist in some cultures and not in others
Brain Fag in West Africa describes difficulty in concentrating
Koro in China describes a condition where a man thinks his penis is retracting into his body


How do universal human behaviours relate (-)?

Some behaviours are universal
Expressions like happiness and disgust are seen in all cultures and in the animal kingdom
Interactional synchrony has been observed in many cultures


- related to cross cultural research

Shows knowledge/concepts taken for granted aren’t always shared by others around the world
Counters scientific racism
Conclusions are more valid
Prevents cultural bias


Cultural differences are seen as

Abnormal or inferior


Ethnocentrism states what about non-conforming behaviours

Any behaviours that don’t conform to the model are deficient, unsophisticated, or underdevelopment e.g. Strange Situation


Describe emic

Emic functions from within a culture and identified behaviours specific to it