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What is the ''Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders?

Assesses symptoms to mak diagnosis, but cannot discern a cause of symptoms


Major depressive Disorder mandates that patients have no signs of ....

Mania, bipolar, schizoaffective, delusional, psychotic disorders


What is the idea of biological psychiatry?

All psychiatric conditions are caused by something biological - something in the brain not in the mind


What gives validity to animals models of psychiatic conditions?

Face - Human symptoms replicated

Construct - underlying biological causation similar


What are the pros and cons of using animals models of psychiatic conditions?

- Cheap
- Quick
- Ethical
- controlled system, drug treatment naive

- broad spectrum of symptoms
- complex high order processes


What is the preferred intevention with animal models of psychiatic conditions?

Genes and environmental


What are the measures/outcomes with animals models of psychiatic conditions?

Endophenotypes of psychiatric disorders
- aspects or symptoms of disease which can be modeled independently


describe schizophrenia?

Disrupted dopamine and NMDA receptor neurotransmission

causes emoional withdrawal, loss of motivation and cognitive decline in information processing


is there a strong genetic component to Schizophrenia?



How is acute phychosis modelled?

Stimulant-induced locomotor activity

- anti-psychotic are usually able to inhibit the outcome


schizophrenia is associated with impairments in sensory integration (attentional and cognitive deficits). How can this be assessed in animal models?

Prepulse inhibition - model of sensory motor gating

look to see whether the startle reflex following prepulse is normal - the reflex is common to all mammals but abnormal in schizophrenics


What is apomorphine and what does it do to the prepulse inhibition?

dopaminergic stimulant

as dose increase, you lose the ability to filter out stimulus, prepulse inhibition goes down


What are the interventions and measurements of major depressive disorder animal models?

Interventions: Genes, stressful environments

measurements: endophenotypes
- lack of pleasure seeking
- behavioural despair
- stress


What test is for the lack of pleasure seeking endophenotype?

Sucrose preference test


What test is for the behavioural despair (depression) endophenotype?

Forced swim test


What are some tests to assess ethological (naturally occuring) behaviour?

Elevated plus maze

novelty suppressed feeding

startle response

Marble burying


What mouse tests show cognitive ability?

Morris water maze - spatial learning/memory

touchscreen chambers - sugar pellet if get the sequence correct