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What is cell cloning?

When a single cell is grown into a colony


What is a clone?

A organism that is genetically identical to another


What are primary cell cultures? What is a downfall?

Primary cell cultures are created directly from normal animal or plant tissue. They only last 20-100 generations


What are continuous cell lines? What is an example? What is a pro and con to these?

Continuous cell lines are cells that grow and divide without end. Tumour cell like HeLa cells. Pro is that they can be used in long term studies and con is that they have been genetically altered and thus are not as close to the population to be studied


What is micropropagation?

Micropropagation is the propagation of plants from small, even microscopic, portions of the parent cell


What is an advantage of micropropagation?

1. Increase the number of a limited amount of parent stock
2. Create disease free offspring of diseased parent stock


What is a totipotent cell?

A cell that can be induced to create an entirely new plant


What is the function of Auxins? What is a common Auxin?

Promote cell elongation, callus growth and differentiation in roots. IAA


What is a cytokinin? What is a natural cytokinin?

Cytokinin are a group of cell growth regulators that promote cell division, growth and differentiation. (Roots and Shoots) Zeatin and Kinetin.


What are gibberellins? What is an example?

Plant hormones that increase the elongation of plant stems and leaves by stimulating cell division and cell elongation. GA3


What is a callus?

An unorganized mass of undifferentiated cells


How does the composition of the Carrot Callus Initiation Medium differ from the Carrot Shoot Development Medium?

Carrot callus intitiation medium has 2,4-D, an Auxin: which aids in cell elongation. (Callus gets big!) Carrot shoot initiation medium has kinetin, a cytokinin: which aids cell division and starts the formation of shoots (Gets shoots/roots)