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Visual Acuity

The measurement of the farthest distance at which a person can still see objects clearly.

-To test visual acuity we took an eye exam in which we read letters that ranged in size from 20 feet away. We tested one eye at a time.



the cornea is not uniformily thickened througout, so not all areas of the field of vision will be in focus at the same time.

-To test stare at the center of an astigmatism chart with its lines radiating out from the center from 1-3 from way. If certain lines appear appreciably darker or clearer than others, this is an indication of astigmatism.



The inability to distinguish between certain colors.


Negative or Positive Afterimage

-negative afterimages: light will appear as dark, dark as light, and colors will appear more or less as their complementary (opposite) color
-positive afterimages: bright will appear as bright, dark as dark, and colors will appear true but faded.



one of human's earliest applications of depth perception to try to make two-dimensional pictures appear to be 3D. You look into the binoculars and can see pictures.


Why do double images occur

Because our eyes are focused NOT CORRECT!


Why can we see depth (3D)

Each eye is located at a different position on the head, and each eye sees a slightly different view of any object. These different views being transmitted to the brain simultaneously allows us to perceive depth.


Why do afterimages occur

An afterimage is an image which persists; this is, it can still be perceived after the eye is no longer viewing the object.


Explain Taste and smell (both important for flavor, especially smell)

Taste and smell are directly linked. There are more


Cones & Rods

-Cones allow for colored vision and work best with bright light.
-Rods can only give white and black, and work best in dim light.