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advanatge of IV route


diadvanatge of IV route


in all IV therapy, the nurse's responsebility is to

–  Identify the patient and verify the legal order

–  Check the infusion fluid and container for any obvious faults or contamination

– Maintain asepsis

– Ensure the administration of the prescribed fluid to the correct patient

– Check that the intravenous device remains patent

- Inspect the site of insertion and report abnormalities

–  Control the rate of flow as prescribed

–  Monitor the condition of the patient and report any changes
– Maintain appropriate documentation



safety for IV therapy

– All details of prescription, calculations, and 5 rights check must be done by 2 nurses (1 must be a RN)

– Right patient
– Right Fluid
– Right Volume
– Right Route
– Right Time/Duration

– Must be checked 3 times


V fluid orders

– Must be a legal order

– Must be written on an IV order not in the medication chart

– For medications that require loading in to IV solution – there must be an IV order

– Must be checked by 2 nurses (1 must be an RN)



- Shorter tubing used to infuse small-volume medications
– Also referred to as IV piggybacks (IVPB) or minibags (IVMB)



– For greater accuracy in measurement of small-volume,
– IV medications or fluids, use calibrated burette chamber


flow rate formula


factors affecting flow rates

– Position of cannula – Tubing obstruction
– Position of extremity – IV patency

- IV clamps left on


infusion ports

– Used for intermittent Intravenous medication administration

– IVbolus

–Medications administered directly through lock or into IV tubing port if IV fluids infusing

– When administering IV bolus medications,must flush before andafter medication with 5 to 10 mL of compatible flush fluid


recommended pratice IV access ports

- replace IV access ports (bungs or valves) per manufacturer's instructions

- clean hands

- swab with 70% alcohol, allow to dry prior to accessing to system


discontinuing IV

– Check order to discontinue – Maintain asepsis
– Small occlusive dressing
– Observe for bleeding

– Document
– Fluid balance chart – Progress notes