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which of the following organisms has been known to cause epidemic tinea capitis in children but almost never affects adults?

microsporum audouinii


Large, one-celled, smooth to tuberculate macroconidia, and smooth or echinulate microconidia are typical of mycelial phase growth of which organism?

histoplasma capsulatum


the transmission of which of the following organisms is associated with the guano of bats?

histoplasma capsulatum

*The guano of bats has been associated with histoplasmosis, particularly among individuals who frequent caves in endemic areas such as Kentucky and other states in the lower Missouri and Mississippi river valleys.

Humans can become infected with Blastomyces dermatitidis by close contact with dogs or through scratches and bites.

Most cases of coccidioidomycosis are contracted from inhalation of wind blown spores in dust.


what would be considered the definitive host of a parasite from the following:

insect vectors
first host infected by the parasite
host in which mature parasites develop

host in which mature parasites develop

*a parasite's definitive host is defined as the host in which sexual reproduction occurs