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During a radiographic examination a panoramic radiograph does not provide sufficient data for a comprehensive fixed prosth tx plan, what else is required?

A full periapical series is required!


Why must irreversible hydrocolloid (alginate) impressions be poured immediately? What is the time impressions must be poured in?

B/c of imbibition, water absorption, and syneresis, water loss, which both result in impression distortion. 15 minutes.


Small non-adjustable articulators are incapable of fully replicating the range of motion of the mandible, what discrepancy does this often lead to?

Restorations with occlusal discrepancies --> Generally premature tooth contacts. Note: Must be adjusted intraorally or can lead to neuromuscular problems


For most routine fixed prostheses cases what type of articulator is used?

Semiadjustable articulator


What are our condylar inclinations & Bennet side shift angles, on our semiadjustable articulators, set at in preclinic?

Condylar inclination = 30 degrees
Bennet angle = 15 degrees


What instrument is used to record the anteroposterior and mediolateral spatial position of the maxillary occlusal surfaces in relation to the transverse opening and closing axis of the patient's mandible?



Why would a kinematic facebow be used over an arbitrary facebow?

Kinematic facebows are more accurate and are used during extensive prosthodontic therapy


What 2 instances should CR be used over MI during the facebow transfer process?

CR is used only if (1) pt can't produce a repeatable bite or (2) you're going to change the VDO. Otherwise, use MI


Define centric relation?

The Maxillomandibular position in which the condyles articulate with the thinnest avascular portion of their respective disks w/ the condyle-disk complex in the anterosuperior position against the articular eminences


What is the Prosthodontic Diagnostic Index (PDI) used for?

Helps determine appropriate tx plan for partially edentulous & completely dentate pts. Developed by the ACP and also used to determine cost and insurance reimbursement rates.


If there are a number of different problems, how is the final PDI classification determined?

Most advanced (compromising) finding determines final classification.