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What types of learning theory are there? (2)

1. Classical conditioning
2. Operant conditioning


Describe how an animal learns through classical conditioning?

Learning through association
Eg: door bell rings, visitors are here


What negative emotions might a dog experience as a result of classical conditioning? (2)

Frustration when the expectation is not met
Anxiety when there is a routine prior to leaving the house


Describe how a dog learns with operant conditioning?

Stimulus, response, consequence


What is positive reinforcement?

The addition of something (eg a treat) that makes a behaviour more likely to occur in the future


What is negative punishment?

Removing something from the situation to make a behaviour more likely in the future
(eg owner leaving the house leading to anxiety)


What is positive punishment?

Adding something to the situation to make a behaviour less likely to occur in the future
(Eg: shouting at a dog, pressure on a chifney)


What is negative punishment?

Removing something from the situation to make a behaviour less likely to occur in the future
(Eg taking a toy away if they shred it)


What types of operant conditioning are used in dog behaviour?

Positive reinforcement
Negative punishment


How often should a dog be taken to the groomer?

Every 6-8 weeks


Name some 'easier' Terrier breeds

Norfolk Terrier, Wheaten Terrier, Carin Terrier


Name some hypoallergenic breeds

Poodle, miniature schnauzer, water spaniels


How may the temperament of the mother affect the puppies?

Stress during pregnancy or lactation will limit the confidence of the puppies.
Always advise clients to ask the breeder about the temperament of the puppies


What should a client do to prepare for bringing their puppy home?

Prepare a consistent sleeping place
Designated toiletting areas
Crate train from day 1
Puppy proof the house eg: stair gates
Use the same brand of food as the breeder
Enforce house rules from day 1
adaption diffuser 24 h in advance
Scent transfer eg: bring a blanket


What is the critical period in a dog's social maturation?

3-5 weeks up to 12-16 weeks old


At what age does a dog become socially mature?

18m - 2y


How can you stop coprophagia?

Run inside the house and get the dog to come with you
Distract the dog with something eg: toy
Remove poo


What should you clean the floor with if a dog toilets on it?

Biological washing powder


How can you stop a dog jumping up at people?

Ignore the behaviour
Keep the dog on a lead
Reward them when they are sitting when greeted
Calm greetings
Put a hand down or bend down to greet them


In what situation can the person legally responsible for a dog be convicted under the Dangerous Dogs Act?

The dog causes 'reasonable apprehension of harm'
Either in a public place or on private property


How can you stop mouthing?

Classical conditioning - redirect the behaviour on to a toy
Operant conditioning - ouch queue, stop all interactions


How should you manage stealing?

Get the dog to trade it for a higher value item that you are making a big fuss of