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heard words are processed along auditory pathways to _____ _____ _____ (Heschl's Gyrus) where the first cortical processing of auditory input is pocesssed.

Information is sent to ______ ______ where words are recognized and connection to their _______ begins.

Primary Auditory Cortex

Wernicke's Area



Word meanings are sent from _______ ____ via the _____ ______ to Broca's area.

Wernicke's Area; arcuate fasciculus


What happens in Broca's area in concerns to verbal expression (WG model)?

Words are converted to a code for the muscular movements of speech


Output from Broca's area is sent to the nearby _____ ____ _____ regions that control the muscles involved in the production of speech.

primary motor cortex


Visual info from written words is sent from and to ?

Visual areas in the occiptal lobe to the angular gyrus


What are the major neurologic components of language?

Broca's Area
Arcuate Fasciculus
Angular Gyrus
Wernicke's Area
Supramarginal Gyrus
Corpus Callosum


What neurologic region is involved with motor planning?

Broca's Area


What neurologic region plays a role in oral language comprehension and formulation of linguistic concepts?

Wernicke's Area


What neurologic region is involved in reading?

Angular Gyrus


What neurologic region if lesions are present in is associated with agraphias?

Supramarginal gyrus


The Right hemisphere is responsible for what cognitive functions?

Visuospatial processing and perception, integration of different types of incoming stimuli, comprehending and producing emotion in the face and voice, attenting to left side of space and attention in general.


In regards to discourse production, damage to the right hemisphere leads to what issues?

Producing stories/explanations off topic and vague referents


In regards to discourse comprehension, damage to the right hemisphere leads to what issues?

Drawing incorrect inferences and conclusions for what they read or are told


In regards to coveying or interpreting intent, damage to the right hemisphere leads to?

Difficulty catching on to hints from others and may not "soften" requests of others


Exhbiting little modulation of vocal intonation =

expressive aprosodia


difficulty interpreting emotions or intention from other people's voices =

receptive aprosodia


In regards to social communication, right hemisphere damage leads to ?

Exhbiting communication that is inappropriate for the situation and or communication partner.