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What is the lowest point in the peritoneal cavity in males?

The RectoVESICAL pouch
Where blood could collect if there is hemorrhage


What is the retroperitoneum?

Space behind the peritoneum
In front of posterior abdominal wall and musculature


What is part of the retroperitoneum?

1. Adrenal Glands
2. Kidneys
3 ureters
4. Bladder
5. Vasculature
6. Esophagus
7. Rectum
8. Portions of the


What are the major muscles of the retroperitoneum?

Psoas major and psoas minor
(muscles of love because they are used for hip flexion LOL)
-quadratus lumborum


What are the muscles of love?

Psoas major
Psoas minor
Hip flexion lmao


Why is the left adrenal artery higher than the right?

Because the right hand side adrenal artery is pressed down by the liver


What drains into the right renal vein?

Nothing! Remember the right gonadal vein drains in to the IVC
Left gonadal vein drains into the left renal vein


What is the vein of death?

Adrenal vein on the right side
Difficult to control that is short and small that drains right ot IVC


What do the phrenics drain?

The diaphragm


What is the white line of toldt?

Used as a landmark for access into the retroperitoneum


Where does the LEFT gonadal vein drain into?

Left renal vein
As opposed to right gonadal vein that drains into IVC directly


What is the hypogastric artery?

The internal iliac artery
Hypogastric a. and internal iliac a. are the same thing!!!


What is the pampiniform plexus?

A meshwork of veins that have a counter current that regulates temperature
Located in the scrotum


What is the urachus?

A fibrous remnant of the allantois, a canal that drains the urinary bladder of the fetus that joins and runs within the umbilical cord


What is water under the bridge in the male?

Ureter goes underneath vas deferens/ductus deferens


What is the space of Retzius?

The space between the pubic symphysis and the urinary bladder
Space of Retzius (retropubic space) is accessed during prostatectomy


What is the ejaculatory duct?

The duct in which the vas deferens and the seminal vesicles meet


Where is the internal urethral sphincter?

Smooth muscle
Superior to prostate


Where does the ejaculatory duct enter the prostate?

In the middle of the prostatic urethra


What is the bulbourethral gland?

Cowper’s gland
During sexual arousal, each bulbourethral gland (located inferior to prostate) produces a salty viscous secretion known as PRE-EJACULATE
-fluid helps lubricate the urethra for spermatozoa to pass through
-neutralizes acidic urine in the urethra
-can also produce some amount of prostate-specific antigen (PSA)


Where is the external urethral sphincter?

Skeletal muscle
Inferior to prostate


What are the layers of the abdomen (external to internal)?

1. Skin
2. Scarpa’s Fascia
3. External Abdominal oblique muscle
4. Internal abdominal oblique muscle
5. Transversus abdominus
6. Transversalis fascia
7. Peritoneum


What are layers of the scrotum/testis?

External to interior
1. Skin
2. Dartos
3. External spermatic fascia
4. Cremaster muscle
5. Internal spermatic fascia
6. tunica vaginalis (visceral)
7. tunica vaginalis (parietal)


What are the 3 collaterals in the Testicular arterial circulation?

1. Cremasteric artery
2. Testicular artery
3. Vasal artery


Where do hydroceles develop from?

Processus vaginalis


What is the main artery that gives rise to erection?

Internal pudendal artery which leasd into dorsal artery
Splits off into bulbar, circumflex cavernosal, circumflex and cavernosal arteries…


What is the tunica albuginea?

The tough fibrous layer of connective tissue that surrounds the corpora cavernosa of the penis
Can also be referred to the connective tissue covering of the ovaries


What is the corpus cavernosa?

The two spongy cylinders in the superior end of the penis that is engorged when erection occurs


What is the corpus spongiosum?

The spongy layers that cover the urethra
Not involved in erection


What is Buck’s fascia?

Contains the deep dorsal vein of the penis
Surrounds the tunica albuginea