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Describe the first branch of Du Mai.

Originates in the area between the kidneys, emerges at RN1. Continues posteriorly to DU1 then ascends to DU16 where a branch enters the brain. At DU12(T3) it connects with the Bladder channel at UB12 (T2) and returns to DU13 (T1) in a diamond shape. It ascends further to the vertex and continues over the midline to the tip of the nose, ending at the junction of the lip and upper gum.


Describe the second branch of Du Mai.

The second branch goes over the genitals, the perineal region, runs to the tip of the coccyx and diverts to the buttocks (where it connects with the Kidney and Bladder Channels). From there it goes through the spine and connects with the Kidneys.


Describe the third channel of Du Mai.

A third channel path starts at the inner acanthi (UB2) and goes over the forehead to meet at the vertex where it enters the brain. There it splits into two branches that descend on both sides of the spine to connect with the kidneys.


Describe the two internal branches of Du Mai.

1) An internal branch emerges from DU4 and connects with the kidneys.2) An internal branch, starting in the lower abdomen connects with the umbilicus and rises (internally) up through the heart, through the throat, circling the mouth (lips) and splits in two ending under the centre of the eye (traditional ending or Ren Mai).


Describe the connecting vessel of Du Mai

From DU1 two branches run on either side of the spine to the occipital region from where they disperse over the head.


What are the clinical applications of Du Mai?

1) Strengthen the Shen (mind) and back2) Tonify Kidney yang3) Regulate the male genital system (penis and prostate)4) Expel wind (int and ext)5) Nourish marrow and brain6) Gate of Life (Mingmen), functions to do with7) Tonify and lift qi8) Heart yang tonify9) Yang aspects of menstruation and fertility


Strengthen the Shen or Mind:The Brain is formed from ______ and _______, which store the _______ _______ that is the origin of mind. Du Mai strengthens the Mind through the three structures that affect the mind: _______, ________, and ______.

marrow; kidneys; prenatal essence; Kidney: Heart: Brain


Du Mai is often used clinically for __________. To strengthen the mind we use what three main points? In combination with one of four other points...

SI3, UB62, RN15DU14, DU19, DU20, DU24


Effect of DU14 Dazhui

Lifts mood, tonifies heart and stimulates rising of clear Qi


Effect of DU19 Houding

Use for anxiety and is also indicated for manic behaviour, mental restlessness and insomnia


Effect of DU20 Baihui

Lifts mood, stimulates memory and benefits the sense organs


Effect of DU24 Shenting

Calms the mind and stimulates memory


Effect of RN15 Jiuwei

Calms the mind, relaxes the chest and settles the Corporeal Soul


Strengthen the back:Du Mai is extremely useful in all cases of chronic lower back pain due to _______ ________. Use the Du Mai when the pain is either on the _______ or is ________ but stems from the ________.

Kidney deficiency; midline; bilateral; midline


In men the Du Mai can be used on its own for back pain, however in women it is suggested to combine with _____ _____, crossing over the ________ and ______ points.

Ren Mai; opening; coupled


For neck pain use these points:

SI3, UB62, DU15


For upper trap pain use these points

SI3, UB62, DU14, DU12


For mid back pain use these points

SI3, UB62, DU9, UB17


For lower back pain use these points

SI3, UB62, UB26 and Shiqizhuixia


Tonify Kidney Yang function of Du Mai: Du Mai is the ________ of ______ of the whole body. What is the main point that tonifies Kidney Yang? How would you needle it?

governor; yangDU4 - Perp 0.5-1 cun or better yet MOXA! Also use it with SI3, UB62


Regulate the male genital system (penis and prostate). This function of the Du Mai is called _________. Deficiency of _______ _____ and ____ ____ may result in _________ _________ as well as abnormalities such as _________ ______ ______ or impaired ______ ________.

andrology; Kidney yang; Du Mai; erectile dysfunction (ED); reduced sperm count; sperm motility.


What points would you choose for ED?

SI3 on the left, UB62 on the right, RN4, UB23


What points would you choose for abnormalities of sperm? Why?

SI3 on the left, UB62 on the right, DU4, RN4RN4 and DU4 represent the yin and yang aspects of essence.


Sperm is a form of _____ Essence therefore the link with ____ _____. Heat or Yang is required for the production of sperm and seminal fluid thus ____.

Yin; Ren Mai; DU4


Expel Exterior Wind function: In attacks of exterior wind, the Du Mai can be used to release the exterior and expel Wind at the ________ _____/_____ _____ stage of the ____ ______.

Greater Yang/Tai Yang; Six Stages


What are the symptoms of exterior wind that you would use Du Mai for? What points would you choose?

- Aversion to cold- Fever- Runny nose- Headache- Stiff neck and floating pulseSI3, UB62, DU16, DU14


What are some points on regular meridians that you could add in to help Du Mai treat exterior wind?

LU7, SJ5, UB12, GB20, LI4


The Du Mai can also be used to treat ___________ _______ or cases where the pathogenic factors are not ____________ _________. Eg?

intermittent fevers; completely expelled; Shaoyang syndrome, post-virus fatigue


What kind of points would you use for Shaoyang syndromes?

SI3, UB62, DU14, DU13


The Du Mai can be used to extinguish interior wind. What are some symptoms of interior wind? Points?

- dizziness- tremors- convulsions- epilepsy- sequelae of wind strokeSI3, UB62, DU16, DU20


Nourish brain and marrow. The ______-______ produces marrow which fills the _____ and ______. What are symptoms of deficiency of Sea of Marrow?

Kidney-Essence; spine; brainSymptoms:- dizziness- weak legs- foggy brain- desire to lie down


What are the points of the Sea of Marrow on the Du Meridian?

DU16 FengfuDU20 Bahui


Gate of Life (Mingmen) strong functions with DU:What does the Fire of the Gate of Life do?

1. Fuels the Zang Fu2. Assists fluid metabolism, warms lower burner3. Harmonizes sexual function (essence and uterus)4. Assists reception of Lung Qi by Kidney Yang5. Assists Heart to house the Mind


Tonify and Lift Qi function of Du Mai:The Du Mai is effective in treating _______ of ______ ___ because it does three things:

Sinking; Kidney Qia) Tonifies Yang and therefore lifts Qib) Tonifies Kidneys and especially Kidney Yangc) Treats lower organs like uterus and bladder through abdominal branch


What points would you choose for excessive menstrual bleeding from the sinking of Kidney Qi?

SI3, UB62, DU20, RN4


What points would you choose for urinary problems from the sinking of Kidney Qi?

SI3, UB62, DU20, RN3


What are four signs/symptoms of sinking of Kidney Qi?

1) Excessive menstrual bleeding2) Frequency and urgency of urination3) Bearing down sensation in abdomen4) Prolapse of uterus and bladder


Heart Yang tonification function of Du Mai:How can the Du Mai be used to tonify the Heart Yang? What type of problems would this be useful for?

The Du Mai tonifies Yang in general but it also flows through the Heart.- mental/emotional problems- physical problems from Heart Yang Xu


What are symptoms of Heart Yang Xu?

- cold hands- sensations of coldness- palpitations- feeling of stuffiness in chest


What points would you choose to treat Heart and Kidney Yang Xu?

SI3, UB62, DU14, DU20, UB23 (Shenshu) and DU11 Shendao


What is the most important point to tonify the heart? What sx/sy does it treat?

DU11 ShendaoIt strengthens the heart, calms the mind and treats- sadness- anxiety- poor memory- palpitations- disorientation- timidity


Yang aspects of fertility and menstruation +Uterus function of Du Mai:In gynaecology we can use the Du Mai in any case where we might use the Ren Mai but there is a pronounced ______ ____ ________.

Kidney Yang Deficiency


Talk about the most important three EOV when it comes to gynaecology. Where do they start and where do they flow? What is special about Du Mai's trajectory?

The Du Mai, Ren Mai and Chong Mai all arise in the lower Dan Tian and flow down to the perineum through the uterus. As the three vessels flow through the uterus they spur the alternation of the Yin and Yang in the menstrual cycle. The Du Mai has a branch that diverges from the perineum and flows to the external genitalia.


If there was a gynaecological issue that includes a Kidney Yang Xu what points would you choose?

SI3 on right, UB62 left, LU7 left, KI6 right. Remove in reverse order. Add in other points depending on condition RN 3-7. Also moxa DU4


Which orifices are related to the Du Mai?

Nose and anus


A profuse, white watery nasal discharge indicates

a state of deficiency and cold of the Du Mai


A thick, sticky nasal discharge indicates

a condition of dampness in the Du Mai


Epistaxis may be due to either a

deficiency of Du Mai or heat in the vessel


Polyps in the nose indicate



A prolapse of the anus indicates

a state of deficiency and sinking of Qi in the Du Mai


Itchiness of the anus denotes

Dampness in the Du Mai


Hemorrhoids usually indicate

Damp Heat and Blood Stasis in the Du Mai


How can you tonify Mingmen?

Only through the Du Mai, not through any other vessel. The best way is direct moxa on DU4


What are five main characteristics of the Fire of the Gate of Life?

- Organ of water and fire- Seat of Yin and Yang- Determines life and death- Originates between kidneys- Can extinguish water and produce water


What are the functional domains of Du Mai? (SLACAS)

- Sea of Yang meridians- Loosely parallels function and pathology of CNS- Absorbs yang mer. repletion (excess heat, internal wind)- Controls the head, neck, back and marrow- Abdominal branch connects with genitals (penis and vagina) and lower portion of Ren Mai- Support and connects the yang meridians, particularly upper back and head


What should you look for when selecting Du Mai?

1) Symptoms on the head, neck and back2) Symptoms of stiffness and pain in the muscular exterior, or spasms, tremors and convulsions3) Preponderance of yang pathogenic activity, excess what, internal wind4) Vacuity of yang and qi5) Vacuity of kidney yang6) Abdominal branch overlaps somewhat with symptomatology of lower Ren Mai: impotence, urinary disorders, sterility, etc.