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The Ren Mai also has three other common names. What are they?

Directing Vessel, Conception Vessel, Sea of Yin Channels


Why is the Ren Mai called the Sea of Yin Channels?

It exerts an influence on all of the yin channels, organs and functions and nourishes all yin in the body.


What is the opening/master/confluent point of Ren? What are its hats?

Lu7 Lieque (Broken Sequence) 1) Luo Connecting point of Lung 2) Heavenly Star point 3) Command point of head and neck 4) Master point of Ren Mai


Where is the master point of Ren located? How is it needled?

Lu7 is located on the radial aspect of the forearm, approximately 1.5 cun proximal to LI5, in the cleft between the tendons of brachioradialis and abductor pollicis longs. With the fingers of one hand pinch up the skin over the point and with the other hand needle transversely in a proximal or distal direction, 0.5-1 cun, avoiding the cephalic vein.


What is the coupled point of Ren Mai (Master point of Yin Qiao Mai)? Where is it located? Needling?

KI6 Zhaohai (Shining Sea) Located 1 cun below the prominence of the medial malleolus in the groove formed by two ligamentous bundles. Oblique insertion directed superiorly 0.3-0.5


Ren Mai is particularly effective for empty heat. What are some signs of empty heat?

Malar flushing, night sweats, five palm heat, afternoon fever, insomnia, tinnitus, mental restlessness, anxiety, dry mouth at night, dizziness, rapid pulse, red peeled tongue


What is the orifice related to Ren?



What do ulcers of the mouth indicate?

May be an indication of Ren dysfunction especially for women if it appears with menses or if the person has menstrual irregularities.


What do cold sores indicate?

They are a virus but they also indicate damp-heat. This is not necessarily a Ren disorder but you could choose a point on Ren to help like RN12.


What do the following indicate?1) Red lips2) Purple lips3) Pale surrounding lips4) Greenish colour of lips5) Dry lips

1) Heat 2) Blood stasis 3) Xu of Ren 4) Qi stagnation
5) Dryness


Where does Ren Mai originate and emerge?

It originates inside the lower abdomen between the kidneys, flows through the uterus and emerges in the perineum at RN1.


What is the ascending trajectory of Ren Mai?

Ascends along the midline of the abdomen, chest, throat and chin, terminating at RN24.


Where does Ren Mai connect with Chong Mai?

RN4 and RN7


Where does Ren Mai enter the body, where does it end?

It circles around the lips and then goes inside the mouth, divides and enters the eyes ending at ST1.


Where does the luo connecting vessel go?

Separates from RN15 (Luo Connecting point of Ren) and spreads over the abdomen.


Front Mu points are more effective in the treatment of ________ than Back Shu.



What are the Front Mu points found on Ren?

- RN3 Front Mu of BL
- RN4 Front Mu of SI
- RN5 Front Mu of SJ
- RN12 Front Mu of ST
- RN14 Front Mu of HT
- RN17 Front Mu of PC


What are the clinical applications of Ren Mai

- Uterus and genitalia (men and women)
- Triple burner activation
- Entering of Lung Qi into Kidneys, descending of Lung Qi
- Regulate life cycles and fluid metabolism
- Urinary passages
- Smooth moving qi in LB and uterus
- Nourish Yin
- Control Fat Tissue (Gao) and Membranes (Huang)


Regulate uterus and genitalia in women function: What are the seven things that the Ren Mai is responsible for in women? (Know of EXAM!)

2 C's, 2 P's, 2 M's, 1 F
Conception, Childbirth, Puberty, Pregnancy, Menstruation, Menopause, Fertility


Besides regulating the Uterus, the Ren Mai has an important influence on the external and internal genitalia in women. What kind of genital problems can it treat?

Any kind of genital problems whatever the underlying pattern is:
- vaginitis (inflammation)
- vulvitis (inflammation)
- vulvodynia (pain, often points on LV channel as it encompasses genitalia)
- pain on intercourse
- dysmennorrhea from damp or stagnation
- itching of genitals


What is the one exception where Ren is not the best choice in regards to genital patterns.

Dysmennorrhea with blood stasis


Regulate the male genitals and prostate. Penis: name the main aspects that are treated?

The Ren Mai represents the influence of Kidney Yin on the external male genitalia. In this way it can treat any problems occurring with a background of Kidney Yin deficiency.


Regulate the male genitals and prostate. Prostate: 1) The prostate is the organ equivalent to the ________ in women.2) The _____ and _____ influence the prostate and production of ________ _______.3) Sperm is a form of _________ and is part of the _____ ________.

1) uterus 2) Ren and Du; seminal fluid 3) Essence; yin essences


What can cause a reduced sperm count?

A deficiency of Kidney Yin and of the Ren Mai.


What points would you choose to treat reduced sperm count?

LU7, KI6, RN4, KI13


Triple Burner Activation function of the Ren Mai: The TB function in relation to body fluids is closely dependent on its function of controlling the __________ and _____________ of qi as well as the _____________, transportation and __________ of fluids.

transportation; penetration; transformation, excretion


What is the "Qi Mechanism"?

The movement of qi to carry out its various functions.


What is "Qi Transformation by the TB"?

This is the whole process where Yuan Qi separates into Ying Qi, Wei Qi, Blood and BF.


What are the fluids produced by each of the three burners?

Upper Burner: ascending of clear "mist" or "fog"Middle Burner: "Bubbling Cauldron" or "Maceration Chamber" therefore fermentation and "foam"Lower Burner: clear liquid and turbid substance separating out.


What are the main point(s) for the upper burner?

RN17 Shanzhong


What are the main points for the middle burner?

RN12 Zhongwan RN9 Shuifen


What are the main points for the lower burner?

RN5 Shimen RN3 Zhongji


Entering of qi into the kidney, descending of Lung Qi function of Ren Mai: Ren Mai does not only treat the Lower Burner but also the Middle and Upper Burner. It can stimulate the descending of Lung Qi and the Kidney's receiving of Qi and can thereby help to treat ______ _______. Further it can treat _________ _______ along with points to treat the _______ ________.

chronic asthma; allergic asthma, main organs


What points would you choose for chronic asthma?

LU7, KI6, RN17 (Influential point of Qi, Sea of Qi, FM of PC)


What points would you choose for allergic asthma?

LU7, KI6, RN17, UB13, UB23 (both of these Back Shu's tonify wei qi)


Regulate Life Cycle's function of Ren Mai:The Ren Mai can be used to help a person during the transition from one phase of life to another. What are three examples?

- Puberty in transition to reproductive age- Transition after childbirth- From reproductive to menopausal age


Regulate fluid metabolism function of Ren Mai:The Ren Mai is important for the correct ____________ of fluids in the ___________. It can be used to treat ________ and __________ problems.

distribution; abdomen, edema; urinary


Edema is usually caused by 3 patterns, what are they?

1) Lungs not diffusing and descending Qi or transforming fluids
2) Spleen Yang nto transforming and moving fluids
3) Kidney Yang not moving, transforming and excreting fluids


What points would you choose for edema?

LU7, KI6 and then add points that stimulate metabolism of fluids by the Triple Burner: RN5, RN9, RN12, RN17 Add KI7, KI9 for edema of legs


The Ren Mai is frequently used for urinary problems in women from __________ in the lower burner or ____ ________.

stagnation; qi sinking


What are the signs of Qi Stagnation leading to urinary problems?

- frequency and difficulty in urination
- feeling of distention in the hypogastrium
- slight ache before urination


What are the signs of Qi Sinking leading to urinary problems?

- frequency of urination either with very slight pain or no pain
- slight incontinence of urine
- bearing down feeling in the lower abdomen


In order to affect urination what points should be chosen?

LU7, KI6, RN3, DU20 (for sinking of Qi), DU26 (for Qi Stagnation)


Smooth moving of Qi in the lower burner and uterus function: Maciocia says that the Ren Mai moves qi in the lower burner and uterus so that it can be used for abdominal masses, but especially those deriving from _____ _______ rather than ______ _______

Qi stagnation; blood stasis


What is the smooth moving of qi in the lower burner and uterus useful for in men?

Hernial and Genito-urinary disorders (Shan)


Abdominal masses in general are called __-__ which means?

Ji-JuJi - refers to actual fixed masses from blood stasisJu - refers to moving masses that come and go from Qi stagnation


What are abdominal masses in women called?

Zheng-JiaZheng (equivalent to Ji)Jia (equivalent to Ju)


What points would you choose for gynaecological problems stemming from qi stagnation?

LU7 - nourishes yin, strong downward flowing mvmtKI6 - nourishes yin, strong upward flowing mvmtRN6 - Qi Hai, tonifies qi, fosters original qi


Menopause is usually what pattern?

Kidney Yin Deficiency with Empty Heat (can also occur with Kidney Yang Deficiency)


What points would you choose to treat yin deficiency?

Lu7, KI6, RN4, RN7


The Ren Mai is used to nourish all of the yin of the body. It can be used to treat ______ ____ ________ in general or in combination with other organs. What points would you use in general?

Kidney Yin Deficiency LU7, KI6, RN4


What are symptoms of Lung Yin Xu?What points would you add?

Dry cough, dry throat, SOB, RN17


What are symptoms of Heart Yin Xu?What points would you add?

Palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, dream-disturbed sleep, RN15


What are symptoms of Liver Yin Xu?What points would you add?

Irritability, hypochondriac pain, dizziness, eyes dry, blurred vision, RN3


What are symptoms of Stomach Yin Xu?What points would you add?

Hunger with no desire to eat or no appetite, thirst but only wants small sips, epigastric discomfort, constipation, RN12


Some of the Ren Mai's points are related to Fat Tissue _____ and Membranes _______.

Gao; Huang


What does Gao mean? What does Huang mean?

Gao means fat and relates to adipose tissue. Huang means membranes and refers to connective tissue including superficial and deep fascia, the mesentery the omomentum and the stroma encapsulating the organs.


Where is the Gao located?

It covers the whole body with a layer immediately below the skin.


Where is the Huang located?

It covers the whole body as an inner layer wrapping and anchoring organs, muscles and bones.


What are the three functions of the Huang?

1) Anchor the organs 2) (Bind) and wrap the organs 3) Connect the organs among themselves


What is the source point of Fat Tissue?

RN15 - acts at a deep energetic level to regulate tension of membranes


What is the source point of Membranes?

RN6 - acts at a deep energetic level to regulate tension of membranes


Pain in the skin of the abdomen means what ?

An excess in membranes. Needle RN15


Itching in the skin of the abdomen means what?

Deficiency of the membranes. Needle RN15