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What is the holistic approach in systems biology?

The all at once approach; required as some properties of a system can emerge from the interaction of components


What is meant by "Capturing the Proteome"

Identifying the total proteins of a cell at a single point in time (which is thusfar technically challenging)


List 3 clinical implications of bioinformatics

Diagnosis of genetic disease and disease risk

Pharmacogenomics; predicting patient response - personalised medicine

Gene therepy, where thereputic target is a specific gene


What is homology modelling?

Homologous structures may have similar structures

This means an atomic level model of a target protein can be made from its primary sequence and experimental 3D data from a related homologous protein, the template


How is the potential proteome determined?

Inferred from genome sequence


What is a feature of amino acids with chemically similar side chains?

They substitute more readily


What is the reductionist approach in systems biology?

The breaking down (gene knockouts to disrupt biochemical pathways) of a biological system to understand the individual components


What is the primary database for protein structures?

wwPDB (World Wide Protein Data Bank)


What is meant by "Transcriptome"?

The transcriptome encompases the actual proteome (Translation is dependent on transcription)


What are 3 data resources for proteomics?

Genome sequences

Transcriptomes (microarray/RNAseq)

Protein Mass Spectrometry