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Why is usability important?

• Users will leave if: Website/app is too difficult to
use, Design and/or content of a
site is too cluttered, Difficult to find what they are
looking for, Too time-consuming to
complete a task


What is usability?

•A multi-part, multi-disciplinary process that that defines the parameters of a project (i.e., Scope of Work)
• The measure of the ease of use of a site
• Ensuring something works well
• Directly related to the experience of the user (i.e., UX)
• Based on the expectations and abilities of the target user group


What is involved in planning for usability?

• Research and Discovery
• Content Inventory
• i.e., Asset Inventory
• Site Mapping
• Wireframing
• Usability Mapping
• Prototyping
• Concept Design


What are some important usability principles?

• The 7 ± 2 Principle
• Humans can only retain 5 to 9 things at a time in
their short-term memory
• 2-Second Rule
• Users shouldn’t wait more than 2 seconds for certain
system responses
• 3-Click Rule
• Should not take more than 3 clicks to find


What are Neilsons 5 components of usability?

• Learnability
• Efficiency
• Memorability
• Error Rate and Recovery
• Satisfaction


What are Quesenbery's five E's?

• Effective
• Efficient
• Engaging
• Error Tolerant
• Easy to Learn (i.e., Learnability)


What are some Usability rules? Give examples.

• Do not make users think
• Your message should be clear and to the point
• Omit words that do not add to your message
• Design elements should make a user’s required
interactions obvious
• Design a page to help a user scan its content
• Clear visual hierarchy
• Logically related content should be visually related
• Clickable objects should be obvious
• Pages should be broken up into clearly defined
• Give users choices that guide them
• Don’t complicate the process of completing a task
• Avoid pull-down menus, opt for drop-downs
• A Home Page is meant to convey the big picture
• Don’t punish the user for getting lost
• Let the user know what you need