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There are 7 forms anti globalisation can take, what are they?

1. Civil Society Groups
2. Radical Right Wing Populist Parties
3. Left Wing Political Parties
4. Left-wing revolutionary movements
5. Religious revolutionary movements
6. Religious terrorist groups
7. states themselves


What do Civil Society groups do?

linking activists across the world on issues such as MNC investment, tax reform, human rights, or following the path of other groups e.g. ‘Occupy Wall Street


Name some radical right wing populist parties?

Vlaams Belang (Belgium), FN (France)


Name some left wing political parties?

Greens, former/communist parties


What did Isolationist right in the USA. Pat Buchanan say?

‘What is failing the world is not capitalism but globalism.’


Name some left wing revolutionary movements?

Maoist guerrillas in Nepal (successful by 2006) and Naxalite guerrillas in India


Name some religious revolutionary movements?

Al-Shabab, Hezbollah (Lebanon), Hamas (Gaza), Taliban (Afghanistan/Pakistan)


Name some religious terrorist groups?

Al-Qaeda, Lashkar e Taiba


Name some states opposing globalisation?

North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Venezuela


Name a case study of anti globalisation?

Mexico - Zapatistas


Why did the Zapatistas rebellion begin?

Because of globalisation/liberation. in 1980s economic downturn in Mexico, President Salinas agreed to NAFTA. Mexico began a liberaisation programme, consisted of: Banks, transport, telecoms being deregulated, 250 state firms privatised, subsidies reduced, Fertiliser, water, credit to rural areas cut, Mexican constitution ended the long standing tradition of collective land, State felt that only large Mexican ‘agribusiness’ could compete with US farmers