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What is an ecosystem process?

-interactions among abiotic and biotic elements of ecosystems that lead to certain functional ecological results.


What are some examples of ecosystem processes?

-Pollination, grazing (moving and removing primary producers), predation, nitrogen fixation, seed dispersal, decomposition, dispersal


How does biodiversity affect ecological function?

-global environmental change affects species interactions (mutualism, predation, etc.) both directly and through its effects on altered biodiversity. Species interaction may directly affect key traits or may alter the abundances of species with key traits.

-global change=temp, habitat loss etc. causes changes in biodiversity= changes in species interactions that change species abundance= that change species traits
-level of change is proportional to the species abundance of the species
-change in ecosystem processes, how resilient are they
ecosystem goods and services= clean water and air (if we log too much then forests won't be able to keep up)


What is functional diversity?

-distribution of trait values in a community


What are traits?

-•Morphological characteristics: Body size,feeding apparatus,wings...

• Life history

• Diet and feeding behaviour

• Ecosystem effects– e.g.microbialactivities

• And...
– Taxonomic groups with specific functions
– Habitat


How do traits influence functional diversity?

Traits influence how organisms :
– Consume or transform resources
– Modify the physical structure of the habitat
– Modify the chemistry of the environment
– Interact with other organisms (incl. dispersal)


Sea turtles and their functions?

1.grazing=will have effect, the grass is solidyfying the sea floor, the grass can try to change its shape

2.turtle= being a food source= energy going up the food chain= decreasing the number of turtles= therefore also influencing the organisms that the turtle eats

3.egg shells= part of the sand= eat sea grass and convert into energy lay an egg, hatches and