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what is the function of the receptor endings?

localized receptor potentials may summate- primary action potentials


what is the function of the spinal cord nuclei?

afferent neurotransmitters may summate- secondary actin potential


what is the function of the brainstem nuclei?

-reticular system- descending inhibition and disinhibition
-cranial nerve nuclei- afferent neurotransmitters may summate- secondary action potential
-colliculi- 3 order neurons coordinate eyes/ears/head for localized sights/ sounds


what is the function of the thalamus?

afferent second order neuron summate to create AP
-to sensory cortex- pre motor and motor cortex; frontal and occipital association cortex
-thalamic association nuclei to the limbic system


what is the function of the basal ganglia?

receiving from cortex and thalamus with both direct and indirect loops to fine tune force genreation


what is the function of the cerebellum?

comparator of (intended or desired) motor programs with actual proprioceptive feedback


what is the function of the cortex?

tertiary neurons synapse with 6 levels of cortex- adjacent motor strip, sensory association areas
-homunculi- represent sensory map of the body and motor map of musculature


what are the frontal executive functions?

overlay knowledge, motivation and reasoning for sensory inputs


what are two examples of a simple reflex?

DTR and blink reflexes


what is the purpose of the renshaw cell?

prevent fatigue by stimulating inhibitory input to alpha motor neurons allowing another motor unit to kick in


an injury above T6 will result in what 3 dysfunctions?

Would result in the loss of sympathetic regulation
-autonomic dysrelfexia
-impaired thermoregulation
-orthostatic hypotension


what is Polio?

alpha motor neuron problem
-virus that selectively kills alpha motor neurons resulting paralysis or paresis depending on the amount of collateralization of remains alpha mins with muscle fibers


what is myasthenia gravis?

problems with the neuromuscular junction
-autoimmune disease that prevents muscle receptors from bidding with neurotransmitters


what is muscular dystrophy?

problems with muscle health
-genetic condition, muscle wasting and muscle fibers are replaced with connective tissue and fat