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What are the 6 steps of drowning prevention?

1. Stay clam
2. Get ready
3. Raise your head
4. Take a breath
5. Go below the surface
6. Rest


What is the definition of hypothermia?

A sudden and dangerous drop in body temperature.


What are some rules you should follow and learn about while in water?

1. Use the buddy system
2. Never dive into shallow water
3. Go to beaches or pools that have a lifeguard
4. Don't go into water if you don't know how to swim


What are some things you should bring with you camping or hiking in case of emergencies?

1. A cell phone or walkie-talkie
2. A compass
3. Flashlight and extra batteries
5. A first aid kit


Before planning a hiking or camping trip, what should you do?

1. Make sure someone knows when you will return
2. Plan out your trip