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What is the definition of first aid?

The care first given to an ill or injured person until regular medical care can be supplied.


What are the 6 life threatening emergencies?

1. The person has stopped breathing
2. The person has no heartbeat
3. The person is bleeding severely
4. The person is choking
5. The person has swallowed poison
6. The person has been severely burned


What are the 3 steps of rescue breathing?

1. Point the victim's chin upward by gently lifting it up with your fingers and tilting the head back. If you have a sterile breathing mask, place it over the victim's mouth and nose.
2. Pinch the victim's nostrils shut. Take a breath and make a tight seal with your mouth and the victim's mouth. Exhale. Make sure the victim's chest rises.
3. Wait for the person's chest to fall and give a second breath. If the victim begins breathing normally, stop.


How could you help a choking victim?

Give them abdominal thrusts.


Who could you call if you think someone is poisoned?

Poison control center