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American Ambassador to Great Britain

John Adams


Who Wrote the Circular Letter?

George Washington


Who Wrote the Vices of the US Political System?

James Madison


Purpose of Mount Vernon Conference:

To get navigation on the Potomac worked out


Purpose of Annapolis Convention:

To consider a uniform system of conducting commercial relations


Purpose of Philadelphia Convention

To revise the Articles


Two Acts of Continental Congress Concerning Successful Land Policy for the Northwest Territory

Land Ordinance of 1785 and Northwest Ordinance of 1787


Accomplishments of the Continental Congress

The two land policies, writing of the Declaration of Independence, it kept the US together during its formative years, etc.


Pelatiah Webster

A merchant of Philadelphia, a political science at Harvard. He proposed the formation of a new constitution and wrote stirring articles that only a new Constitution would save the US


George Washington

The heroic General of the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War. He held many meeting at his Mount Vernon estate. He believed the US wasn't going in a very good direction and wanted a new Constitution


James Madison

He thought a strong government was needed and served in the Continental Congress


John Adams

The American Ambassador to Britain for three years


Alexander Hamilton

He thought that a strong government was needed as well. He persuaded the Annapolis Convention delegates to make a report to the legislature of the five states and to Congress. It presented not only the commercial regulations but other important matters.


Navigation Acts

Between 1783-1787, Britain passed the Navigation Acts which prohibited US ships to the West Indies and they prohibited US ships from carrying goods from America to England in attempt to destroy US fishing and shipping industries


Three Powers Given to Congress Under the Articles

Congress could raise armies
Congress could declare war
Congress could sign treaties


What were the Articles Called?

A league of friendship