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The limbic system is a term used for

a number of interconnected cortical regions and subcortical structures that function to serve a number of survival mechanisms.


What is included in limbic cortical structures? (also called the limbic lobe) (5)

1. Septal Area (area surrounding end of rostrum of corpus callosum)
2. Cingulate Gyrus
3. Parahippocampal Gyrus
4. Hippocampus
5. Other: Orbitofrontal cortex, prefrontal cortex


What are associated subcortical nuclei with the limbic system? (4)

1. Amygdala
2. Hypothalamus
3. Septal Nuclei (deep to septal cortical region; near the fornix and anterior commisure)
4. Anterior Thalamic Group


What nerve fiber pathways are associate with the limbic system?

1. Mamillothalamic tract
2. Fornix
3. Stria Terminalis
4. Medial Forebrain Bundle


Connection Loop:
Where does it start with and connect to? via what tract?

Mamillary Bodies to Anterior Thalamic Group via Mamillothalamic tract


Connection Loop:
where does the anterior thalamic group connect to?

Anterior Thalamic Group to Cingulate Gyrus


Connection Loop:
where does cingulate gyrus connect to?

Cingulate Gyrus to Parahippocampal Gyrus


Connection Loop:
where does parahippocampal gyrus connect to?

Parahippocampal Gyrus to Hippocampus


Connection Loop:
where does hippocampus connect to and via what?

Hippocampus via the Fornix to Mamillary Bodies and Septal Region


How is Amygdala connected to the limbic circuit?

via Stria Terminalis by way of the Septal Region and Hypothalamus


What are the two afferents to the Limbic System?

Cortex and Reticular Formation


Describe the Cortex afferent to limbic system.

projects to all parts of limbic lobe, amygdala, and hypothalamus.