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Name the 5 stages of Kubler Ross' reaction to dying and give an example of each.

1) Denial - "Maybe they mixed up my EMR with someone else's
2) Anger - "Why me?"
3) Bargaining - "If I can just make it my son's graduation I'll be satisfied".
4) Depression - "I can't bear the thought of not being there for my daughter's wedding".
5) Acceptance - "I've tied up all loose ends, now I can go in peace".


What are the 10 signs of impending death?

1) Difficulty talking or swallowing
2) Nausea, flatus, & abdominal distention
3) Urinary and/or bowel incontenence or constipation
4) Loss of movement, sensation and reflexes
5) ⬇ body temp with cold or clammy skin
6) Weak, slow, or irregular pulse
7) ⬇ BP
8) Noisy Irregular, or Cheyne-Stokes respirations
9) Restlessness and or agitation
10) Cooling, mottling, and cyanosis of extremities and dependent areas


What are the 4 medical criteria used to certify death?

1) Cessation of breathing
2) No response to deep painful stimuli
3) Lack of reflexes (such as gagging and corneal reflex)
4) non reversible loss of brain function


(T/F) It is the nurse's responsibility to ensure that the physician has signed the death certificate?



What three conditions could possibly suspend life processes and give the false appearance of death?

1) Hypothermia
2) Drug intoxication
3) Circulatory shock


Describe the two types of Advance Directives

1) Living Wills - Specific instructions on healthcare to be provided in specific situations.
2) Durable Power of Attorney - Given to a person appointed as agent to make healthcare decisions in the event of incapacity.


What is the difference between Assisted Suicide and Active Euthanasia?

1) Assisted Suicide - HCP provides patient with the means (drug or equipment) to commit suicide.
2) Active Euthanasia - HCP acts directly to cause the death of the patient (give lethal dose of medication).


What is Passive Euthanasia?

When the patient chooses to stop aggressive disease treatment and allow disease progression to death.


An Autopsy must be obtained with what types of deaths? Whose consent is needed?

1) Accidental death
2) Suicide
3) Homicide
4) Illegal therapeutic practice
* Must obtain consent of the closest surviving family member