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What is Fiduciary Abuse?

Abusing the elderly's money


What is Sundowning Syndrome?

A disorder in which an older adult habitually becomes confused, restless and agitated after dark. It is a characteristic of dementia.


What is "Reality Orientation"?

Reorienting a confused patient to "the now"


What are the SxS of Pre-Menstrual (Tension) Syndrome aka PMS?

1) Irritability
2) Emotional
3) Anxiety
4) Mood Changes
5) Headache
6) Breast Tenderness
7) Water Retention


What are the three basic charting methods used to predict ovulation in order to plan or prevent pregnancy?

1) Temperature Method - Temperature will rise between .4 ad .8 degrees on the day of ovulation and remain at that level until her next period.
2) Cervical Mucus Method - Cervical mucous is normally cloudy, but a few days before ovulation it becomes clear and slippery and can be stretched between the fingers.
3) Calendar Method - The woman charts her monthly menstrual cycle.


(T/F) The latex condom offers better protection against STIs than any other birth control method?

True - Because it blocks the exchange of bodily fluids that may be infected.


How can diabetes affect sexuality in males and females?

1) Males - Causes erectile dysfunction (Rx meds/implants)
2) Females - Orgasmic dysfunction


During the mentrual cycle, when does ovulation typically take place?

Day 14