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draw out the lower 6 including the fissure patterns and the cusp shapes

The transverse fissure groove starts on the buccal surface and deepens across the occlusal surface. It ends as a groove on the lingual surface


There is also a fissure that runs mesiodistally which starts near the mesial marginal ridge, crosses the central pit and divides into two branches which pass onto either side of the distal cusp


describe the features of the buccal aspect 

The buccal surfaces are larger than the lingual surface 

The buccal surface is lingually inclined

Proximal surfaces are convex - distal is rounder because of the distal cusp

The buccal surface has a PIT


describe the pulp chamber

usually has 4 pulpal horns

chamber floor is roughly trapezoid or rhomboid 

Most common root configuration includes one mesial root with two canals and one distal root with a single canal


where is the mesiobuccal orifice usually found

 under the mesiobuccal cusp


where is the mesiolingual orifice commonly found

 slightly lingual to the central groove


what does the pulp look like