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Draw out the lower 7 focusing on the fissure pattern and cusp sizes

the fissure pattern is generally + shaped


What are the features of the mesio-buccal cusp 

it is the largest 

it has a straighter ridge than the distobuccal

there is a buccal groove which extends onto the buccal surface


what are the features of the disto-buccal cusp 

it is smaller than the mesio-buccal

the marginal ridge is more curved 


what are the features of the distolingual cusp


it is the smallest 

it is more curved 



what are the features of the mesiolingual cusp 


it is the highest 


describe the pulp of the lower 7 

3 canals - 2 mesial 1 distal 

3 orifices 


describe the mesial buccal canal orifice 

he mesio-buccal canal orifice on the chamber floor is located slightly mesial but close to the mesio-buccal cusp tip


Describe the mesio-lingual canal orifice 

The mesio-lingual canal orifice is just lingual to the mesial development groove of the mesial marginal ridge. It is not located as near the cusp tip but at a more central location


describe the distal root orifice 

1 orifice located distal to the centre of the crown 


What is the shape of the crown from the buccal side 


what is the shape of the crown from the lingual side 


What does the pulp look like?