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At which cartilage/vertebra does the trachea begin?

Cricoid cartilage (C6)


At what level does the trachea bifurcate?

T4/T5 (sternal angle)


What is the carina of the trachea?

Ridge that separates L and R bronchus


How are the L and R primary bronchi different?

Right is larger, more vertical, and shorter than left


What is the epiarteriole bronchus?

Superior branch of right primary bronchus that supplies superior lobe of right lung
- AKA superior lobar bronchus


What are the main sections of the lung called?
How many aa. are each supplied by?
Where are the vv. located?

Broncho-pulmonary segments
- Each supplied by single a.
- Vv. located in septa separating the segments


How many lobes do R and L lungs have?

R: 3 lobes
L: 2 lobes


How many broncho-pulmonary segments do R and L lungs have?

R: 10 broncho-pulmonary segments
L: 8 broncho-pulmonary segments


What makes larger grooves in R lung?

Trachea, esophagus, inf vena cava


What makes larger grooves in L lung?

Heart, aorta and left subclavian a.


In which lung do you find the cardiac notch and lingula? Where specifically is the lingula?

Left lung
- Lingula: lower portion of upper lobe


What aa. supply the lungs?
Where do they branch from?

- Bronchial aa.
- Branch from aorta and posterior intercostal aa.


Describe the lymphatic drainage of the lungs.

Pulmonary nodes to tracheobronchial nodes to brachiomediastinal nodes


What divides the superior and inferior lobes of the left lung?

Oblique fissure


What divides the superior and middle lobes of the right lung?

Horizontal fissure


What divides the middle and inferior lobes of the right lung?

Oblique fissure


What is the hyparteriole bronchus?

Inferior branch of right primary bronchus that supplies middle and lower lobes of right lung
- AKA bronchus intermidius


What is the root of the lung? Function?

Root is that part of the lung where things come and go
- Connects medial lung surface to trachea and heart


What is the hilum of the lung? What's contained in it?

Hilum is the content of stuff entering the lung
- Contains the main bronchus, pulmonary artery/veins, bronchial vessels, nerves and lymphatics


What layers surround each root?

The reflection of the parietal and visceral pleura


What is the pulmonary ligament?

The parietal pleura surrounding the root of the lung and extends downwards from the hilum in a fold (it is this fold)


Describe the layout of vessels in the hilum from the lung's medial view.

What's different about the R vs L lung here?

Post: bronchi/us
Sup: pulmonary aa.
Ant/inf: pulmonary vv.

Right lung has entrance of both eparteriole and hyparteriole bronchi.


Describe the innervation of the lungs.

The pulmonary plexus comprises parasympathetic (C.N. X) and sympathetic components.


Describe adult respiration in general terms of what changes the volume.

a. the diaphragm moves down
b. anterior (upper) thoracic wall moves anteriorly
c. lower (lateral ) thoracic wall moves laterally


Describe child respiration in general terms of what changes the volume.

a. the major component consists of the diaphragm moving down
b. the ribs in the child are nearly horizontal and thus the rib displacement is limited


What's b/w the visceral and parietal pleura?

The pleural space/cavity containing a thin layer of serous fluid.


Where is the parietal pleura?

Lines internal surface of T wall


Where is the visceral pleura?

Lines the lungs


What are the different surfaces of the parietal pleura?

Costal, mediastinal, diaphragmatic, cupola


What is the cupola? What's it suspended by?

- The continuation of the costal and mediastinal parts of the pleura over the apex of the lung (AKA parietal pleura in root of neck)
- Sibson's fascia