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- Lymph node structure: Paranchyma? (3) Sinuses? (3) Follicle has? 2nd follicle parts? (2) Cells? (2)
- B Cell markers? (3) T Cell Markers? (4) Germinal B Cell markers? (2)
1.) CLL/SLL: CLL peripheral blood? SLL has what involvement? Most common leukemia? Who is affected more? Sign/symptoms? Effacement? Morphology? + Markers? (4) - Markers? (3)
2.) Follicular lymphoma: Lymphoma of? Common in who? Often present in what stage? Positive for? Does what? Translocation? + Markers? (5) - Markers? (2)
3.) Mantle Cell Lymphoma: Common in who? Most present? Effacement? Unlike? + Markers? (4) - Markers? (3) Role of cyclin D? Common trans?

-capsule, cortex, medulla; subcapsular, corticol, medullary; mostly B cells; mantle zone (all B), germinal layer (B,T,Macs)
- B = 19,20,22; T = 3,4,5,8; Germ = CD10, BCL6
1.) Lots of lymphocytes; extramedullay; yes; elderly men; often asymptomatic; yes; small cells with clumped chromatin; 5,19,20,23; 10, FMC7
2.) Germ center; elderly; late; BCL2, supress apoptosis; t14:18; 19,20,10, BCL6, BCL2; 5,23
3.) Elderly men; Late; Yes; Follicular; 5,19,20, BCL2 (cyclin D1); 23,10, BCL6; helps cell progress to G1/S; t11:14


4.) Burkitts Lymphoma:
a.) Endemic: Common where? Presents with? Mostly due to?
b.) Sporadic: Where? Old/young? EBV involved?
c.) Immunodeficiency: Mostly in who?
- Cells? Borders? + Markers? (5) - Markers? (2) Common trans? Treatable?

a.) Malaria areas; abdominal/jaw; EBV
b.) Illeocecal region; young; a littke
c.) HIV patients
- Basophillic with lipid vacoules; 19,20,10,BCL6,MYC; 5,23; t8:14; yes


5.) Plasma Cell Neoplasms: Secrete what? Detectable via? Usually start where? Then go?
a.) Plasma Cell Myeloma: Monoclonal plasma cells make up what % nucleated cells in bone? Symptoms? (4) Age? Have multiple? Lab findings? Peripheral smear? Also RBC form? Must be done for diagnosis?
b.) Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance: No evidence of? Ab in blood/serum? Bone lesions? Plasmacytosis?
c.) Solitary plasmacytoma of bone: CRAB? Single? M protein? Localized what?
d.) Extraosseus plasmacytoma: Localized plasma cell tumor where? Mostly in older who?

- Single immmunoglobin; M protein electro.; bone; extramedullary
a.) >10%; CRAB = hypercalcemia, renal failure, anemia, bone lesions; older adults; bone lesions; high M protein; 15% plasma cells with eccentric nucleus; Rouloux formation; bone marrow biopsy
b.) PCM; yes; no; no
c.) No; bone lesion; low or absent; tumor of bone
d.) Outside bone marrow; males


6.) Hodgkins Lymphoma: 2 types? Germinal B cell orgin? Diagnostic cell? Morphology of these? (3) + Markers? (2) - Markers? (1)
a.) Nodular sclerosis variant: Most frequent what? Mostly in young? Thickened capsule around? EBV involved? Lacunar cells?
b.) Mixed cellularity variant: EBV involved?
c.) Lymphocyte rich variant: RS cells?
d.) Lymphocyte depleted variant: RS Cells? EBV?

- nodular lymphocyte predominate, classical; yes; Reed Sternberg; large multiple nuclei, eisinophillic nucleoulus, ample cytoplasm; CD15,20; CD45
a.) Subtype; females; follicle; sometimes; yes
b.) Often
c.) No
d.) Numerous; almost always