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What is the advantage of using SSL on a website?

SSL helps protect the traffic traveling to and from the website by encrypting the data.


What protocols can Mail service utilize?



What kind of DNS record should be set up for a mail server in production use?

An MX record for the domain.


What tools are used for filtering the Mail service?

SpamAssassin filters for spam; ClamAV for virus scanning; and an external blacklist server can be set for junk mail filtering. Greylisting also helps reduce spam.


What is a wiki? What is a blog?

A wiki is designed to be read and edited by many. A blog is designed to be read by many, but created by an individual.


What tools can an administrator use to specify users that are allowed to create wikis?

Administrators can use the Wiki Creators list in the Wiki service settings of the Server app.


How does a network user specify which users and groups are allowed to edit a wiki?

When creating a wiki with a web browser, a user can specify permissions for users and groups to access and edit the wiki.


What protocol does Calendar use?

CalDAV, which is an extension of WebDAV.


How does a user specify which users are allowed to edit or view his calendar?

In the Calendar app preferences, he can designate delegates and their rights.


What is the transport protocol for the Calendar service and how can that impact the troubleshooting of the service?

CalDAV and WebDAV utilize HTTP as a transport and as a result the troubleshooting of it is similar to web services. You need to make sure DNS is correct and the proper ports are open.


What protocol is used for the Messages service?

The Messages service uses the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).


How would you limit access to the Messages service on OS X Server?

Through “Edit Access to Services” per user available in the Server app.


How would you enter the Messages name for the user Jet Dogg (short name: jet) on

The Messages name format for Jet Dogg is


On what protocols is the Contacts service based?

The OS X Server Contacts service is based on CardDAV (an extension to WebDAV), HTTP, and HTTPS, as well as vCard (a file format for contact information).


How can the information contained in a directory service be included in the Contacts searches?

Make sure the “Include directory contacts in search” option is selected in the configuration of the Contacts service.


Where is SSL for the Contacts service configured for use?

In the Settings pane of the Certificates tab of the Server app.