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Horatio warns him "what if it tempts you towards the flood' 'and draw you into madness'

from the begining Horatio acts a voice o f reason but he ignores their warnings


'take you as 'twere some distance knowledge of him'
'your bait of falsehood take this carp of truth'
'by indirections find directions out'

promoting falsehood - polonius instructing Reynaldo to spy on his son because ' he is open to incontinency
this is what he does for a living he wants to keep his and his daughters reputation but ruin his sons.


'sith nor the exterior nor the inward man /
resembles that it was

the king says to R+G that Hamlet has changed pretending to be concerned and uses their love as they were 'brought up with him' to gather/so much as from occasion you may glean'


'i have found/ the very cause of hamlets lunacy'
he speaks elaborately despite saying 'i will be brief' gertrude has to tell him 'more matter with less art'
'my news shall be the fruit to that great feast'

its exactly what the king 'long to hear'
but Gertrude says 'i doubt it is no other but the main/ his fathers death and our hasty marriage'


young fortinbras pretending he doesn't want to conquer Denmark out of revenge

he only asks for 'you to give a quiet pass/ through your dominions for this enterprise'


'to put an antic disposition on'

he tells his friends that he will pretend to be mad


' i am but mad north-north- west. when the/ wind is southerly i know a hawk from a handsaw'

meaning I am mad only sometimes


'I'll observe his looks,/ i'll tent to him quick"
'the plays the thing/ wherein i'll catch the conscience of the king'

surveillance - quite scientific using trial and error and testing hypothesis of ghost before he decides if 'a do blench/ I know my course'
the play within the play


'tis too much proved that with devotions visage/ and pious action we do sugar o'er/ the devil himself'

wearing of masks ackownledged
meaning of qoute: it is too often demonstrated that we put on a pretence of religion and render superficially attractive (covering with sugar) the devil.


'the harlots cheek beautified with plastering art / is not more ugly to the thing that helps it/ than is my deed to my most painted word'

masks covering up - image of corruption of trying to cover up and externally make attractive but really it is corrupt in the inside'
'o heavy burden' in the kings aside he makes his first confession directly to the audience.


' i have heard of your paintings well enough, / god hath given you one face and you make yourself another'

reference to masks, deception , - shifting from your to you perhaps referring to all women and attacking them in general


'madness in great ones must not unwatched go'

survelliance of hamlet by king


'i prithee when thou seest that act afoot/ observe my uncle'

asks horatio to observe his uncle in the play and 'after we will both our judgements join/ in censure of his seeming'
very systematic, scientific stance of unbiased observation and testing of hypothesis


'behind the arras i'll convey myself / to hear the process'
'and as you said - and wisely was it said'
'tell you what i know'

polonius is sycohphantic and his job is primarily hearing things and reporting back to the king but he also pretends so that he can keep in favour of the king and continue being his right hand man


it will but skin and film the ulcerous place/ while rank corruption mining all within/ infects unseen'

telling his mother don't pretend and cover up corruption. image of looking good on the outside but rotten underneath.'


'goodnight but go not to my uncles bed,
assume virtue if you have it not'

telling her to pretend after telling her don't pretend


'should have kept short,restrained and out of haunt' 'but so much was our love'

pretence possibly - doesn't say because he didn't want him to find out which was the truth but lies to queen and says he didn't lock up hamlet because he loved him like a son


'besides to be damanded of a sponge'
'that soaks up the king's countenance, his rewards,his authorities'

calling R+G as sycophantic messengers for the king


survelliance - horatio tells the queen to listen to what ophelia has to say before others hear it

'twere good she spoken with, for she may strew/ dnagerous conjectures in ill breeding minds'


even in madness ophelia plays the role of the girly girl giving flowers to everyone and is too repressed to say things so she sings instead

'theres rosemary: thats for rememberance'