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'revenge his foul and most unnatural murder'
'sweep to my revenge'

instructions from aparition and Hamlet is eager to 'sweep' to revenge


'i was born to set it right'

believes its his duty finds his purpose now


'the mousetrap' is the plays name where there is a play within the play -

perhaps to capture claudius but since he calls his wife a mouse 'call you his mouse' can be really trying to capture his mother


'this is one lucianus, nephew to the king'
'you shall see anon how the/ murderer gets the love of gonzago's wife'

lucianus represents old hamlet in the murder of gonzago
the play is a revelation in the sense that it reveals kings reaction but also reveals Hamlets plans to get revenge and is a direct threat to claudius


his mother seemingly doesn't know why he's ona rampage 'o what a rash and bloody deed this is!"
'as kill a king?' she supposedly doesn't know what he's talking about when she just saw the play (and was watching it properly and paying attention unlike Claudius)

hamlet replies ' a bloody deed- almost as bad, good mother, as kill a king and marry with his brother'
- this is a direct accusation and she still asks 'what have i done that thou dar'st wag thy tongue / in noise so rude against me?


hoist with his own petard'

clearly says he'll make claudius hurt in front of mother'


Hamlet giving Claudius death threats telling him polonius is in heaven
this banter with claudius is showing he is now in position of control not helpless like before

'in heaven.send thither to se. if your messanger/find him not there, seek him not there,seek him i'th' itger place yourself' ( meaning find him yourself in hell)


laertes and ophelia personify the two aspects of hamlet:
- the self depricating and thoughtfull side i.e ophelia
- and the action vengeful side to laertes

'her brother is in secret comes from france/ feeds on this wonder, keeps himself in clouds'
'young laertes in a riotous head'


laertes is on a rampage - active character doesn't care if he goes to hell

'i dare damnation. to this point i stand - / that both the worlds i give to negligence/ let come what comes'


laertes is determined to get this revenge - all action no thought

'but my revenge will come' 'i might be the organ' 'to cut his throat i'th'church'